WGA Strike Negotiation Breakthrough

Breaking News: Hollywood’s striking writers and the AMPTP have resolved key issues, moving them closer to a final agreement that would finally end the seemingly never-ending WGA strike. According to the LA Times:

“After two weeks of talks, the parties Friday bridged the gap on the central issues surrounding how much writers should be paid for work that is distributed via the Internet, said three people close to the talks who asked not to be identified because the negotiations are confidential.

A final contract could be presented to the Writers Guild of America’s board by late next week, the people said.”

Needless to say, while nothing is official, this TV Addict is thinking positive thoughts and readying the champagne.

The only question remaining (aside from the official announcement that puts an end to these dark times) is who had February in theTVaddict.com Strike Pool!

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  • SimplyKimberly

    My only question is when does 24 come back?

    I am almost to the point of needing some Xanax here.

  • Agreed about 24.
    I’m so thankful, though, that there’s still a few good shows running at the moment (Sarah Connor Chronicles, Prison Break, House, etc). But who knows how long those’ll last?
    Oh, & great news about the breakthrough. :]