Thanks to the 16.1 million viewers who tuned into Thursday’s season premiere of LOST (versus a mere 7.8 million for ‘CELEBRITY’ APPRENTICE), viewers yet again showed network big wigs that if they build it — ‘it’ being quality scripted programs — they will come.

Tonight at 9PM, FOX welcomes not one, but two old friends back into the fold. TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES returns after a one week hiatus courtesy of last weeks State of the Union Address. And with it, the much anticipated first look at the notorious B.A.G. Yes my fellow BEVERLY HILLS 90210 addicts, after almost ten years, Brian Austin Green returns the network that made him famous as… Well, thanks to the ultra-secretive showrunner Josh Friedman we really have no idea who or what Brian Austin Green plays. But we’re excited to find out. [Click here for a first look at Brian Austin Green]

Another show that makes its long awaited return to TV tonight: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE. Yet rather than go on a predictable rant as to why OLD CHRISTINE is one of television’s most under-appreciated gems and why viewers should tune in, if only to remind themselves that the classic sitcom is far from dead. I’ll simply quote frequent theTVaddict.com contributer Amrie who said this after watching last week’s rebroadcast of May’s season finale, “Why have I not given more attention to THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE over the past seasons?  Just watched a rerun and it was hilarious!” Amrie, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

  • Josh Emerson

    I feel the same way as Amrie. I had seen Old Christine once or twice before, but never paid too much attention to it. But I watched last week’s repeats and they were really funny!

    I hope Terminator gets a big boost from all of the Super Bowl promotions last night. My favorite was the one that focused on Summer Glau’s character.

  • Gabi

    did I miss BAG in Terminator? I didn’t see him.