Your 2008 Paley Festival Lineup

Betty wasn’t so Ugly at last year’s festival!

Each and every year, the Paley Center for Media honors the best of the small screen with the annual Paley Festival. For over a week, those lucky enough to snag a ticket get to enjoy screenings and Q&A’s with some of your favorite shows on TV. Today, the Center announced the lineup for this year’s Festival and not surprisingly, it doesn’t disappoint.

Whether or not the TV Addict will be attending this year’s festival remains to be seen. But that shouldn’t stop you, my fellow TV Addicts for getting tickets to what’s guaranteed to be the coolest week of the year. Check back soon for ticket information, and be sure to check out the TV Addict’s coverage from last year’s festival by clicking here.

Elvis ‘68 Comeback Special 40th Anniversary
March 14 | Friday | 7:00 pm
In Person: Steve Binder, Prod./Dir. Bones Howe, Prod. Priscilla Presley

Pushing Daisies
March 15 | Saturday | 7:00 pm
In Person: Kristin Chenoweth-”Olive Snook”, Lee Pace-”Ned”, Swoosie Kurtz-”Lily Charles”
Bruce Cohen-Executive Producer, Bryan Fuller – Creator/Executive Producer, Dan Jinks – Executive Producer, Peter Ocko- Coexecutive Producer, Barry Sonnenfeld – Executive Producer

The Comedy World of Judd Apatow & Friends
March 17 | Monday | 7:00 pm
In Person: Judd Apatow

March 18 | Tuesday | 7:00 pm
In Person: Adam Baldwin – “John Casey”, Joshua Gomez – “Morgan Grimes”, Scott Krinsky – “Jeff”, Sarah Lancaster -”Ellie Bartowski”, Mark Christopher Lawrence -”Big Mike”, Zachary Levi – “Chuck Bartowski”, Julie Ling-”Anna”, Ryan McPartlin-”Captain Awesome”, Yvonne Strahovski-”Sarah Walker”, Vik Sahay-”Lester”Chris Fedak,- Cocreator/Exec. Prod., McG – Exec. Prod., Josh Schwartz-Cocreator/Exec. Prod.

Friday Night Lights
March 19 | Wednesday | 7:00 pm
In Person: Zach Gilford-”Matt Saracen”, Jesse Plemmons-”Landry Clarke”, Aimee Teegarden-”Julie Taylor”, Jason Katims-Exec. Prod., Jeffrey Reiner-Exec. Prod.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion
March 20 | Thursday | 7:00 pm
In Person: Sarah Michell Geller – “Buffy Summers”, Amber Benson-”Tara Maclay”, Nicholas Brendon-”Xander Harris”, Emma Caulfield-”Anya”, Eliza Dushku – “Faith”, Seth Green-”Oz”, James Marsters-”Spike”, Michelle Trachtenberg-”Dawn Summers”, Joss Whedon-Creator

Dancing with the Stars
March 21 | Friday | 7:00 pm
In Person: Tom Bergeron-Cohost, Samantha Harris-Cohost

Gossip Girl
March 22 | Saturday | 7:00 pm
In Person: Penn Badgley, “Dan Humphrey”, Chace Crawford, “Nate Archibald”, Blake Lively, “Serena van der Woodsen”, Leighton Meester, “Blair Waldorf”, Taylor Momsen, “Jenny Humphrey”, Kelly Rutherford, “Lily van der Woodsen”, Matthew Settle, “Rufus Humphrey”, Jessica Szhor, “Vanessa Abrams”, Ed Westwick, “Chuck Bass”, Amy Kaufman, Prod., Bob Levy, Exec. Prod., Stephanie Savage, Cocreator/Exec.Prod., Josh Schwartz, Cocreator/Exec. Prod., Cecily von Ziegesar, Author, Gossip Girl books

March 24 | Monday | 7:00 pm
In Person: Noah Bean, “David Connor”, Rose Byrne, “Ellen Parsons”, Glenn Close, “Patty Hewes”, Ted Danson, “Arthur Frobisher”, Tate Donovan, “Tom Shayes”, Anastasia Griffith, “Katie Connor”, Željko Ivanek, “Ray Fiske”, Glenn Kessler, Cocreator/Exec. Prod., Todd A. Kessler, Cocreator/Exec. Prod., Daniel Zelman, Cocreator/Exec. Prod.

Dirty Sexy Money
March 25 | Tuesday | 7:00 pm
In Person: Greg Berlanti, Exec. Prod., Craig Wright, Exec. Prod. – With the Cast of Dirty Sexy Money

Series Premiere: Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union
March 26 | Wednesday | 7:00 pm
In Person: Troy Miller, Exec. Prod./Dir., Gail Parent, Exec. Prod., Tracey Ullman, Creator, Bruce Wagner, Exec. Prod.

Series Premiere: Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union
March 26 | Wednesday | 7:00 pm
In Person: Troy Miller, Exec. Prod./Dir., Gail Parent, Exec. Prod., Tracey Ullman, Creator, Bruce Wagner, Exec. Prod.

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  • You’re welcome. Would Paley be the one year anniversary of us not meeting?

  • oh wow. what a lineup! pushing daisies, chuck, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!, gossip girl, damages, dirty sexy money… wish i could go; but due to my geographical location, that’s impossible.

  • CC


    Ugh I would give my left arm to attend that festival.

  • Josh Emerson

    It would be so awesome to go to some of these shows. Especially the Pushing Daisies, Chuck, and Judd Apatow & Friends festivals.

  • I checked online and they are only available by group. Will there eventually be individual tickets sold?

  • ktv

    You missed MAD MEN! The most exciting of them all!!

  • ktv, My apologies.

    A massive and unintentional oversight on my part.

    Thanks for the link.

  • Moonlight’s Mick St. John (wannabe)

    Moonlight will also have a special. I just recieved this news from a Moonlight news blog.

  • shanna

    OMG, Buffy Reunion, GG and FNL. How do I get a ticket? Seriously, that’s ridiculous.

  • Maria

    Where is this festival? Are the sessions videotaped?! A BUFFY REUNION with SMG? My gosh, that would be a huge hit. So many people are dying for something like that. Can someone post video of that online? Or can someone at least let us know where the festival is held? How do you get tickets?

  • Hello??? We have questions (please see above).

  • Marissa

    GOSSIP GIRL and FNL…. Frak! I wish i could go

    I’m so excited to see GG back in April with new episodes. CAN’T WAIT!!!