HOUSE: Don’t Ever Change

cutthroat bitch house

Knowing full well fans might not get another episode of HOUSE until September (or if we’re lucky May), the creative team behind HOUSE sure ended the season off on the right note. Not only did Cutthroat Bitch (Amber) make a surprising return (Full disclosure: I fell asleep during Sunday’s SuperBowl episode due to Nacho overload, so if she already made an appearance, my apologies), the brilliant Laura Silverman (THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM) was this week’s patient of the week. Add to that the McGill University shout-out on Amber’s sweatshirt (Canada Eh!) and the realization by Wilson that he may in fact be in love with House (or at the very least, have one serious man crush) this TV Addict has one thing to say. And since my writer’s are still on strike, I’ll simply quote last night’s episode title. HOUSE — Don’t ever change (and come back soon).

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  • John

    Amber did make an appearance Sunday.

    A major subplot of the episode was House trying to find out who Wilson was dating and he did at the end of the show.

  • Yeah I figured, but I fell asleep about 10 minutes in!

  • shanna

    Damn, I’m just realizing I missed it. I have to catch the repeats on TBS or USA one of those.

  • I agree that last night was a great episode and one that will make me miss the show during the who-know-how-long hiatus.

    My favorite part was when Cuddy confronted Wilson and compared CB/Amber to a creature from an Alien or Species movie. His reaction was great, “Brilliant disquise, House.”

    What was up with Kutner rambling off random sci-fi references for seemingly no reason? Being a veteran of geekism, I caught some of the references (I thought I was imagining things when he said something about D’Har master, a Klingon warrior term from a ST:DS9 episode) but I don’t remember the context always making sense. Is he just in his own little world or something?

    Someone refresh my memory… Is Foreman’s blatant reference and House’s subtle reference to 13 being bisexual new information or has it been mentioned previously? Either way, is it just supposition, or has she comfirmed it? I ask because I read at TV Guide that a different 2-part story was originally intended as the post-Super Bowl show, and I didn’t know if maybe that part of 13’s background was revealed in an un-aired episode or an un-produced script.

  • Tarn

    The only personal info I’ve seen revealed about 13 was her risk of developing Huntingdon’s.
    I watch House carefully – I like to try and pick up hints for the diagnosis. (When Doctor Antarctica refused to remove her socks, I immediately yelled ‘it’s her foot!!’ at the screen. Yes, I need a life… 😉 )
    Anyway, my point was – I don’t recall anything about 13’s sexual orientation in any other ep.

  • Didn’t Wilson wear a McGill sweatshirt in season 1? Woohoo McGill!

  • Hey,,,,i cant believe that i missed the epidode!!?? they will play it again on the 15 f Febuary this month….at 9pm…so yeah thats all…..I <3 House!!