J.J. Abrams Casts Joshua Jackson in FRINGE

joshua jackson

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that J.J. Abrams has cast Pacey, err… Joshua Jackson as one of the leads in his new FOX Drama FRINGE. Jackson will play a member of a unit investigating sci-fi mysteries. And let’s face it, after the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes kidnapping marriage, the tragic death of Michelle Williams’ ex Heath Ledger and the non-existent career of James Van Der Beek, it’s about time us DAWSON’S CREEK fans got some good news.

The 10 million dollar two-hour pilot is about to start shooting in the TV Addict’s hometown of Toronto Canada. Needless to say, the TV addict will hopefully be on the set stalking, err… reporting soon.

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  • Oh oh oh! I am perhaps a little too excited than is healthy right now!!!

  • Jay

    Oh, that is awesome!!! I’m watching that show!!!!! So true, about the creek stars, but the only 1 I feel sorry 4 is Michelle Williams. (I’m a huge Heath Ledger fan) 🙁 Joshua Jackson was my favorite, so I’m so excited!!

  • I am so excited. JJ and Pacey together? Amazing!

  • SimplyKimberly

    Pacey coming back to tv? Color me there!

  • Tarn

    Mmmmm, Pacey… 😉

    I’ve liked Joshua ever since Dawson’s Creek. My friends didn’t get it, but I could see he had the potential to grow up smokin’ hot – and he has!

    I look forward to this new project with interest.

  • shanna

    I’ve been a fan of JJ since Mighty Ducks days so he’ll always be Charlie to me 🙂

    I hope this means that he’ll still be on GA. He was supposed to start filming eps but they didn’t get written before the strike started. I was all geared up for some Pacey/Meredith lovin’