LOST: Confirmed Dead

To those critics who said last night’s installment of LOST was the weaker of what was most likely supposed to be a two-hour season premiere (pre-WGA strike), this TV Addict says, “What are you smoking?!” Last night’s episode was, for lack of a better word (since my head is still reeling with questions) incredible. And thus commences my senseless ramble which I’m cleverly calling last night’s LOST LOVEFEST.

Loved the reveal that these four mysterious strangers are coming after Ben! Loved new castaway Daniel Faraday’s line, “I’m not in charge of packing.” Loved the polar bear skeleton! Loved drunken pilot Frank Lapidus who was supposed to fly Oceanic 815 (Why exactly did he miss that flight?). Loved Sawyer mocking Locke’s Ghost Walt vision (Who hasn’t had the occasional ghost vision themselves?). Loved the fact that Miles Strom is a Ghostbuster (Cue theme song: Who ya’ gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!). Loved everything about Charlotte Staples Lewis (Accents are sexy). Loved the Oceanic 815 phone number casually posted on the television (Who tried calling 888-548-0034?). Loved the fact that Ben has a man on the boat (Who’s got money that we’re seeing the return of Michael next week?). Love the fact that Locke asked Ben the one question on every fans mind from day one “What’s is the Monster!” And better still, that Ben’s answer was a very sincere, “I don’t know.” (Does he really not know?). Loved the fact that rescuing the survivors of Oceanic 815 doesn’t seem to this mysterious foursomes “primary objective.”

In fact, the only thing I didn’t love about last night, is the realization this morning that we’ve got to wait six more days to find out what happens next! What did you LOVE about last night’s LOST?

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  • I loved last night’s episode! I’m officially back on board and I cannot wait to see how the rest of the season plays out!

  • I say the freighter people are working for Hanso & Dharma. They want Ben for killing all the Dharma employees.

  • Common Sense

    Amrie comes to his/her senses.

  • CS, I have come to my senses (her, for the record). I have so many theories floating around in my head now, I’m not sure what to think. I cannot wait until next Thursday!!!

  • cristina

    I read in Darkufo that Ausiello said this episode was a little dissapointing. What episode did he watch? What I loved the most about the episode was Daniel Faraday. From season four trailers I expected a cruel cold man. Instead, we had an awesome character who cries with the news, is not in charge of packing and sees a different light on the island (what the hell..?). And we had not seen his wife, why did not they show us her ,face? Do we know her?
    The funny thing about Lost is that the less questions they answer and the more complicated the story gets, the more I like it.
    P.S. The last person I thought when Ben said about a person in the boat was Michael. Whay was gonna be Michael working for someone who kidnapped his son,made him murder two people and kidnapped three of his friends?
    Sorry for my english, I know it is not very good. I am improving it by watching Lost! See younext week?

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one that IMMEDIATELY thought “Michael’s on the boat”. He’s supposed to be returning this season, that seems like the perfect in.