Our Theory on the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Movie

arrested development movie

Call me the cynical addict, but the recent report about an ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie in the works couldn’t help but get this TV Addict thinking. Why exactly does Universal Studios want to spend millions of dollars on a movie based on a critically acclaimed yet highly unsuccessful television show. (Which rest assured, I’ll be first in line to see.)

Our theory. After the ridiculous success of SUPERBAD and JUNO, Universal wants to be in the Michael Cera business. And if backing up the Brinks truck for creator Mitch Hurwitz and his brilliant team of writers and actors is the quickest way to that so, well so be it.

Think I’m crazy? Wondering whether I’ve spent a few too many nights covered in blue paint? Check out this unconfirmed and not-at-all-fake advertising mock-up that may or may not have been leaked to theTVaddict.com.

arrested development movie

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  • Common Sense

    Michael Cera is great, for sure, but he is not funnier than any of his talented AD co-stars. To me, they are all equals….Jessica Walter makes me howl just as much. If Universal (or whichever studio) needs any further proof of how popular this cult-favorite series is, perhaps they should examine the DVD sales. Flat out, Arrested Development is THE FUNNIEST comedy in TV history, and a “must own.” Good heavens, if a not-so-funny show like Sex in the City can get the big-screen treatment, can you imagine how great the AD film would be? This show is a treasure to be savored, and the truly intelligent TV watchers (i.e. those who don’t watch 5th Grader, Lyrics, Truth…you know, the absolute PUKE that FOX airs instead of AD) realize it.

  • Common Sense,

    Don’t get me wrong, everyone on ARRESTED is brilliant. I just was putting forth my somewhat cynical theory on why an AD movie is looking more possible in the post SUPERBAD/JUNO world!

  • Are we forgetting it’s Universal that bought the rights to Firefly from Fox and made Serenity?

    I also think there’s millions of fans for this show (now). I was a big fan three years ago (still am) but could never get others watching it. Now all my friends rave about this show, it’s word-of-mouth is so high.
    This really HAS to happen for the good of comedy. Nothing comes close. I think it will end up billed as ‘the comedy of the year’, and will be a smash box office success. Simply because of the post-AD careers, the word-of-mouth appeal, the fact the critics will love it, and the fact a film is a completely different beast to TV.

    Long live the Bluths! here’s to a series of movies..

  • Umm…that looks really badly photoshopped. They wouldn’t make a poster without Jason Bateman.

  • And I just re-read your post. Yay for being able to detect sarcasm!

    Anyway, I am really excited for this movie.

  • Yeah, this is obviously fake. I hope you knew that.

    Not only would they never EVER use Michael Cera as the star of the movie, but why would they use him twice on the poster and leave out Jason Bateman?


  • TheknidsRalright

    A movie can be very successful reaching an audience that would be considered very narrow by network TV and, more importantly, their advertiser’s standards. For a film, one fanatic teen who sees a movie 10 times in the theater and buys the DVD when it comes out is worth 10 thirtysomethings who each see the movie once. For a TV network, it’s all about reaching as broad an audience as possible, but particularly, those in “the demo,” which means white people between 25 and 54. Furthermore, fanatic devotion to a show means less in terms of ultimate revenues for TV unless there’s merchandising involved, which isn’t likely for Arrested Development.

    Finally, there’s also the actors to consider. On the whole, the show has been a great launching pad (or “re-launching” in some cases) for many of the actors involved, not just Cera. It’s hard to juggle a movie career and a network show’s obligations, and when actors get a whiff of big-screen opportunities, it becomes very expensive to buy back their loyalty to the show, especially when you can’t guarantee it’ll last. An “Arrested” movie is a great compromise for the actors, however — how better to trade on their TV success for cinematic credibility than to bring their beloved characters to the big screen?

    So, while I’m sure Cera’s immanent rise to stardom plays a role in Universal’s motives, there are many other reasons why they would consider it a viable movie project, and Fox would consider it a losing prospect as a TV show, and they’d both be right.

  • shanna

    I think even Jason Bateman has been put more on the map with his movies (including Juno) so there’s a multiple draw to having an AD movie now. I didn’t watch AD (I know I’m one of the reasons it got cancelled) but I’d totally check out a movie now because of Michael and Jason.

    I also think if Juno/Superbad had come first, it would have been pretty hard to cut AD in the first place. Sometimes it’s just timing. Like when I miss Reunion I think,. but then I wouldn’t have gotten Justin Walker.