Tonight’s TV Addict Must Watch: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS

“I love it. You love it. Unfortunately, no one watches it. That’s the thing with shows. People have to watch them. We’re NBC, we have a reputation to uphold. And, man, with this writers’ strike … well, we’ll see what we can do. But start watching 30 Rock.” NBC President Ben Silverman in a recent interview with RadarOnline.

If Ben Silverman’s recent comments are any indication, one thing is abundantly clear. Tonight’s season finale of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS may in fact be its series finale thanks to Mr. Silverman’s penchant for reality television, game shows and apparent aversion to quality.

Let’s help prove him wrong. Put down your pens, forget the letter writing campaign and pick up that remote control. Tune into FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS tonight at 9PM on NBC (Global TV in Canada) and help send the only message that Mr. Silverman will notice. An uptick in the ratings.

The clock is ticking, the game’s almost over and we’re out of time-outs. Tune in tonight or make room in your DVD collection for another brilliant-but-cancelled series. And remember, there will be no reunion on the big screen. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS was already a movie!

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  • I wouldn’t discourage a letter writing campaign. I can’t imagine that we are going to see a huge jump in ratings. It’s not like people who have never watched the show are going to come out in abundance and watch what might be the last episode. I think it’s important to watch, but more effort than just watching is needed. So tune in AND pick up the pens and write the letters.

  • TVfan

    Ben Silverman is ruining NBC. I’ll be watching FNL tonight for sure.!

  • SimplyKimberly

    I have no idea why this show isn’t a tremendous hit. It is real. The acting is phenomenal and gripping. The Taylors are a family I would want to be a part of. And is there a better anti-hero than Tim Riggins? I don’t think so.

  • I’m going to cry — for hours — if Ben Silverman axes Friday Night Lights. Hours. So I’m making an effort, and I’m watching tonight’s finale live.

  • best acting in ages! Everyone on it is superb actors. Please keep this on the air, after reality shows,(boring) this is refreshing. Our family looks so forward to this each week. Please don’t take this off.

  • A-W

    Oh yes, I recently falled in “addiction” on this show….!!

    It’s so amazing, and the storyline ain’t that heavt that means if you haven’t watched it before, you won’t feel so disconected.