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Attention ‘books’ and the ‘outdoors’… it was fun while it lasted. No really, thanks for the memories. But it’s time to hit the pause button. The WGA Strike is officially over!

With a tentative agreement now official (did I mention, best day ever!?), showrunners could be back to work as early as Monday with writer’s heading back to work by Wednesday. That is of course assuming the WGA membership ratifies the agreement, which those in the know say will happen almost definitely.

Congratulation’s Writer’s Guild of America. We at theTVaddict.com are giving you a good fifteen minutes to celebrate before you get back to work figuring out how to rescue the surviving members of Oceanic 815, ensure the crew of Galactica makes it to earth in one piece and finally finds Liz Lemon a boyfriend.

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  • So glad to hear the writer’s strike will be ending in a few days. Being an aspiring screenwriter, I have been watching this strike with much personal interest. I’m looking forward to enjoying the new TV series and TV movies in weeks to come.
    As the old saying goes…”If it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the stage” remains true. Congratulations to all screenwriters?

  • shanna

    Technically, the strike isn’t over. The Guild will begin ratifying the negoiated agreement and the entire membership will be voting (on Tues) whether the strike will continue during the ratification process or not.

    I hope that the strike ends but I refuse to get too excited at any stage of the game.

  • I’m going to have to side with Shanna — I won’t stand up and cheer until the votes are in. Nevertheless, I’m thrilled at the progress this weekend has brought.