Post Your Theory on Brian Austin Green’s TERMINATOR Role

With David Silver Brian Austin Green finally starting his highly-anticipated five episode guest arc on TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES tonight on FOX (CTV in Canada), we at thought we’d give you all one last chance to prove just how TV savvy you are.

Who or what does Brian Austin Green play? Our guess: Taking a page from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, Brian Austin Green is the future son and first ever human robot hybrid of none other than John Connor and Cameron. Because let’s face it. When your robot protector sent from the future looks as good as Summer Glau, odds are good that teenage John Connor is spending far more time thinking of ways to re-populate the earth, rather than save it.

Got a better idea? Post away!

  • kayla

    i bet he’s kyle reese from terminator 1. or maybe actually john from the future. they sort of look alike.

  • Jay

    R U 4real? Well, thanks u spoiled it 4 me!! Why, T.V. Addict? Why?? I’m already upset that I missed Prison Break. 🙁

  • Jay

    Oh, never mind. It saids post ur theory. lol

  • I bet he’s derek reese, john’s uncle. I also bet he’s going to diiieeee … eventually.

  • CC

    I like your theory better than the character he ended up to be lol

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