andy goode terminator

Okay, so perhaps my half-joking prediction for Brian Austin Green’s TERMINATOR role was a bit off base. But can you really blame me for thinking that the notorious B.A.G. might possibly be the show’s first robot/human hybrid? The evidence was all there! It’s been ten years since BEVERLY HILLS 90210 went off the air and Green hasn’t aged a day. Purely human genes, I think not.

That said, as each and every episode airs, TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES continues to get more and more interesting. Clearly, Josh Friedman gets the fact that while fans will never tire of Cameron and the Connors facing down the occasional indestructible robot, the real drama comes from the relationships between the characters.

Like the episode’s finale scene. How great was the moment when John called Sarah’s ex-fiance Charley to help save her newly discovered brother-in-law? Talk about one awkward family dinner when Derek eventually wakes up from those multiple gun shot wounds.

Another great a moment from last night’s episode: Cameron. Her grief counseling scene with the creepy (and totally hiding something) grief counsellor was fantastic and featured the night’s best line, “I’m done with grief counseling. I’m feeling much better.” Any guesses as to how long it takes for C.G.C. (Creepy Grief Counsellor) to try and hit on Cameron. Boy is he in for a surprise!

And finally, a question for my fellow TERMINATOR Addicts. How many more pieces of robotic arms and legs is it going to take for the rest of the world to finally clue into the fact that there’s something really weird going on in Los Angeles? Post away with your thoughts.

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  • John

    I thought it was interesting that Cameron was writing a grief note to the terminator she killed.

  • I think Cameron was writing a grief note for Derek – she knows Derek Reese in the future, so since she was convinced he was going to die, I think she was writing him a note…I could be wrong…

  • John, Amrie, That’s so funny that you guys say that because I sort of thought Cameron was writing a grief note for Jordan (the girl who jumped off the school’s roof).

  • athena

    Just can’t get enough of this show. Love the character of Cameron esp, and of course, Sara. Hope it stays so good; plot fascinating, dialogue crisp & character specific. Best thing on TV.

  • I agree that it was another good episode last night. I’m not quite blown away by this show yet, but it’s not bad either.

    Was anyone else confused by the chess scene? Why was Andy Goode manning his laptop during the match, and why was Andy’s chess expert and a Japanese girl playing chess against each other on a physical board? If Andy Goode’s computer and the Japanese computer were supposed to be doing the chess playing, shouldn’t it have looked like a computer-vs-computer game projected on a big screen with no human component? I would think you’d just interface the two programs and let them run.

  • Todd,

    Completely agree. I somewhat wrongly assumed chess via computer was played in like seconds, as computers calculate things at the speed of light or sound or really really fast!

  • I agree with John about Cameron writing the note to the terminator she killed. I think her having to actually pull out the “brain” and kill it is what caused her to write the note. *shrug*

    As for the chess, my husband said he thinks on the little screens just to the side of the board the humans were using, the computers were interfacing and showing their moves. Then for dramatic effect, the humans were relaying those moves on the real chess board. Who knows. heh

  • I think this was the strongest episode yet – a great sign for the series. BAG’s surprise at seeing Cameron puts a damper in my “sending back a terminator so I can get laid” theory. Surely that’s something Future John would have shared with his Reese boy buddies.

  • Matt

    An interesting episode last night.,

    It looks like they are building up some strong storylines: the introduction of Derek Reese, Andy Goode’s murder, the theft of the chess playing AI, Charlie coming to help, and Cameron’s growing understanding of human behavior or maybe her own self-awareness.

    The ratings have been decent, hopefully, they are good enough to warrant a 2nd season.

  • I thought that Cameron, as John and Jenny did, was writing a grief note regarding the terminator she killed. Cameron’s reaction to pulling the brain plug on the terminator was outstanding, it was as though she realized her own mortality, such that it is.

  • I think Jenny’s husband is right. The programmers were inputting the moves of the opponents into the computer and relaying the computer’s decision to the human players on the stage because it was a SHOW, with big stakes, and it’s just not fun to watch two computers speed-play in seconds. There’d be no point in making a show out of it, then.

    I loved BAG and everything to do with his character, and I hate that IMdB only has him listed for two episodes. 🙁

  • Gary

    I was curious if they were going to develop the disabled terminator further. It is obvious that they did not leave him lying in the street to be found. Did they simply dispose of him, or keep him for spare parts? The best thing they could have done, if possible, would have been to reprogram him to be another Connor protector (Sarah’s?). This would probably be too much baggage for the series, but it seems like it would have been the thing to do. How often do you get the opportunity to capture a terminator? One other thought in this sequence. I think the “sacrifice” theme of that episode was demonstrated when Sarah had Cameron fight the terminator. They could have so easily gotten away from it. However, Sarah knew that the terminator’s mission was to kill Derek, so she was willing to sacrifice Cameron for Derek’s long term safety.