Random Musings: Michael Ausiello, Justin Hartley and GIRLFRIENDS

Rather than shamelessly copy and paste all of Michael Ausiello’s intern’s hard work, this TV Addict thought he’d take the classier approach and let my fellow TV Addicts know that all you have to do in order to find out when your favorite shows are returning is to click here.

In other TV news, the CW continues to fan the flames of speculation by signing Justin Hartley [SMALLVILLE’S Green Arrow] to a talent holding deal. Not surprisingly, the network refused to comment on what exactly they’re holding him for. But if they’re smart, we should expect a GREEN ARROW spin-off announcement any moment now. That said, with the recent cancellations of VERONICA MARS and EVERWOOD [Yup, still bitter], the words ‘smart’ and the ‘cw’ don’t exactly go hand-in-hand.

And finally, in sadder news. After eight seasons, the CW officially cancelled its longest running sitcom GIRLFRIENDS. When asked to comment, the show’s small yet vocal group of fans had this to say, “Yes we’re still on the air!”

  • A GREEN ARROW spin off might be fun.

  • ewanspotter

    Aw, the CW. Trying to destroy superheros, one series at a time.

  • SimplyKimberly

    Yes! I actually like the Green Arrow. I’d watch it.

  • nathan

    The cw network are dumb! Yes I am also still bitter about veronica mars. Dawn ostroff is a fool! We all know it. See bitterness.