Television’s Top Romantic Moments

Taking a page from our partner in crime theREELaddict, has caved to the conspiracy perpetrated by the greeting card, flower and chocolate companies by proudly presenting [the obligatory] Valentine’s Day post highlighting [in no particular order] television’s most romantic moments.

Feel free to post your own favorite moments complete with YouTube links [honestly, what was life like before YouTube?] in the comments below.


Like all good romances, it wasn’t easy. But after Paulo, Julie and that silly pro and con list, Rachel finally realized what the rest of us had known since the moment she ran into Central Perk sans wedding dress. Ross was her lobster. Who knew it would take eight more seasons of ‘breaks’ for them to live happily ever after?


Why steady-cams were invented. Sydney and Vaughn’s panoramic smooch capped off what was quite possibly ALIAS’ most exhilarating episode ever and most definitely the finest use of the Post-SuperBowl time-slot.


The brilliance of EVERWOOD’s final scene almost makes up for the fact that its lifespan was ridiculously and painfully cut short by the now defunct WB. We can only hope that somewhere out there someone’s working tirelessly to get this show released on DVD for future generations to enjoy. Someone? Anyone?


After six remarkable seasons, what else can be said about SEX AND THE CITY except, here’s hoping the movie doesn’t ruin one of television’s most romantic endings.


For better or worse, BEVERLY HILLS 90210 is responsible for this TV Addict’s addiction to TV. Dylan and Kelly’s long awaited hook up was one of those quintessential TV moments that an impressionable thirteen year old will never forget. That and of course, Donna Martin Graduate!

Honourable Mentions
THE WEST WING’s post election kiss between Josh and Donna
THE OC’s spiderman reenactment with Seth and Summer
GILMORE GIRL’s Luke and Lorelai

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  • Renee

    JIm and Pam:

    Jack and Kate:

    Pacey and Joey:

    Robin and Ted:

    Old School:
    Alex and Ellen on Family Ties (At This Moment)

  • Emaline

    Veronica and Logan!

    Matt and Julie, in one of many favourite quiet moments of FNL…

  • Stef

    I’m at work, so I can’t post the youtube links…
    but here are my best:

    Dawson’s Creek;: Pacey and Joey trapped in a KMart (The Castaways)…one of my favorite TV episodes of all time. Her with her legs over his, shaving his beard…awwwwww

    The OC (so many Seth and Summer moments so I’ll pick a few): Where they slow dance after Summer tells him she was a virgin..and she says he’s sweeping her off her feet… the obvious choice – the coffee cart scene “acknowledge me now or lose me forever….” and then when he shows up at the O. Sea (prom).. Seth and Summer forever!!.

    Gilmore Girls…Luke builds Lorelai an ice skating rink in her front yard. And I will forever be a Jess and Rory fan, so when they are on the bridge (They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They) after Dean breaks up with her… it’s such a cute awkward moment, I love it.

  • Stef, good call on Luke’s ice-skating rink. I was thinking of that one too.

    There was also the time he taught her to fish just so she could go on a fishing date with another guy. Many of Luke’s romantic gestures were before they even got together.

    There was also their almost-first-kiss when they were looking for something Luke’s dad once wrote on the side of a cabinet in the hardware store, their dance at Luke’s sister’s wedding, their actual first kiss during the night of the Dragonfly Inn’s test opening, their no-words-necessary reconciliation kiss in latter half of season 5, and Luke’s declaration of “I’m in this. I’m this all the way,” to Lorelai at his favorite restaurant.

    ($@#& you season 6 & 7. $@$& you season 5 finale.)

    And for the really geeky… There’s a moment in Babylon 5 when Ranger Marcus Cole tells Commander Susan Ivanova how beautiful she is, but he says it in Minbari, which she doesn’t understand. About a year later Ivanova has learned some of the Minbari language and knows what he said. Not long after that, she’s critically injured, and Marcus sacrifices his life to save hers. (J. Michael Straczynski, creater/writer/execprod, was big on unrequited love.)

  • ewanspotter

    That ‘Alias’ kiss wins, hands down. That was the most satisfying liplock you’ll never be involved in.

  • Todd,

    I’m incredibly impressed by your BABYLON 5 Confession of geekiness 🙂

  • Stacy

    Loved all your choices, except one. I can’t ever look at that 90210 clip again. Sorry. Brenda/Dylan FTW! 🙂

  • Common Sense

    Sorry guys….I guess most of you have never seen the Alex and Ellen (Michael J. Fox and now real-life wife Tracy Pollan) scene in FAMILY TIES. Because there is NO MORE POWERFUL ROMANTIC MOMENT in TV history. I mean, this chemistry led to a marriage, folks. I got goosebumps upon goosebumps then, and still do. After she fled the dance, the follow-up with Meredith Baxter urging him to drive thru the night to stop her train (and marriage to another guy)…and the scene that followed in that train station…wow.

    If you haven’t seen that episode, don’t stop looking til you find it. You won’t be sorry.

  • yogi

    Adama and Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica… the ending of boxing ep, where they tell each other that they both miss each other

  • Deep space 9, His Way, the end of that show was epic!