CBS Lands in the TV Addict’s Bad Books

In a press release sent out yesterday, CBS proudly touts that they’ve “renewed 11 series for next season in a move that will return 10 hours of the Network’s primetime schedule and eight of the top 20 scripted series on television.” Unfortunately, two of the series not officially picked up by the network include two of television’s absolute funniest and most under-appreciated comedies: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE.

Naturally, this ridiculous oversight begs the obvious question. Is it possible the network is prejudice against hilariously funny shows simply because of the number of words in their title? In this era of post-WGA strike cost cutting measures, will all shows on the Tiffany network be mandated to start with those three magical letters ‘CSI’? Would HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER have more success if it changed its name to WITHOUT A MOTHER? Should THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE consider the more succinct COLD OLD CHRISTINE?

What exactly do HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE have to do to garner a little respect on Monday nights? Because clearly, being genuinely funny simply isn’t good enough.

  • Stacy

    I’m right there with you!! I”m so upset about HIMYM!!! 🙁

  • Moonlight’s Mick St. John (wannabe)

    I am with you too but also adding MOONLIGHT!

  • Linda B.

    Moonlight’s been cancelled???!!!

    Say it ain’t so!

  • tdot

    Like are they DONE for good?

  • Sheindie

    Moonlight has new eppys YAY
    I’m bummed ’bout CBS .. they’re just as bad as NBC with cancellation of Journeyman and I am sure… Friday Nite Lites!!!!!!

  • Josh Emerson

    I’ve got a bad feeling we’re going to be left with a CBS Monday that airs no comedies, considering how “funny” Two and a Half Men, Rules of Engagement, and The Big Bang Theory are. What a pathetic lineup that would be.

    I hope we’ll at least get last minute pickups of both HIMYM and Christine. Christine would seem to have the better chance since it won an Emmy and gets over 9 million viewers, but you’ve gotta remember that it has a big lead-in. HIMYM starts off the night every week.

  • Linda B., I’m concern about Moonlight too. My understanding is that it is neither cancelled — yet — nor renewed — yet. If true, we’re in waiting game limbo.

  • For those worried about MOONLIGHT. The show has yet to get an official second season, but I’m willing to bet it gets picked up assuming it performs along the same lines as it did before it went off the air.

  • Elliot

    if how i met your mother doesn’t come back i may have to completely boycott CBS. other then journeyman and the unit i can’t think of anything else i watched on it.
    the big bang theory is pretty decent too, but if it comes down to it no other show they have is nearly as important to me as HIMYM.

  • Linda B.

    I think The Unit is in limbo too.

    Also, Journeyman was NBC.

  • Aileen

    How could they NOT bring back HiMyM? That show’s hilarious. Plus, if it gets cancelled then we’ll never get to meet the mother! And we’ll also not ever get to witness my dream storyline: Barney and Robin get together.

  • Elliot

    Linda: yeah, I realized that shortly after I posted 🙂 But, I guess in a way it’s another example of how little I watch CBS to begin with.

  • CC

    The HIMYM fans will battle for it’s return.

  • shanna

    CBS really does have to open itself up beyond the procedural drama, even though I love Numbers and Cold Case, HIMYM is the only comedy that I watch consistently on the network. And I still can’t believe 2 1/2 Men manages to get so many viewers. Is someone switching the numbers?

    Btw, speaking of NBC has anyone seen the previews for “My Dad is better than your dad”? Seriously? FNL might get canceled so we can watch middle-aged, middle-class fathers compete for their kids love?

  • I think that CBS might be holding out on renewals until they see the numbers for these post-strike episodes. Hopefully they’ll at least post ratings on par with their season averages.