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For far too long, fans of Oceanic 815 have woken up the next morning with that all to familiar LOST hangover [or LOSTover if you will]. Like clockwork, the phrase, “sure it was an interesting episode… but why so many questions?” echoed throughout the blogosphere.

That is, until this season.

As LOSTerminds Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse continue to serve up episodes that surpass fan’s expectations, this TV Addict has had an epiphany. A mysterious black smoke monster style vision if you will. Much like Barney’s Hot/Crazy scale, LOST is all about the questions to quality ratio. When the show throws up a dud of an episode like last season’s bore-fest involving Jack and his tattoo, the internet is ablaze with cries of, “When are we going to get some answers!” Yet this season, the ever expanding list of questions becomes inconsequential as Lindeloff, Cuse and the entire LOST cast and creative team continue to deliver phenomenal episode after phenomenal episode.

Take last night installment for instance. As LOST fans feverishly debate the finer points of “The Economist’s” multitude of mind-numbing questions. There is one point every fan seems to agree upon. To quote Entertainment Weekly commentator Steph, “One of LOST’s top 5 episodes!” Added commentator Maggs, “I don’t think I’ve yelled so many profanities at my TV than I did last night. I was confused, excited, mad and whatever else kind of emotion a person can feel. My night went something like this: Sayid, OMG, WTF, YES, Hurley, WTF, NO, Ben, NOOO!” In other words. LOST is firing on all cylinders and naturally and this TV Addict is not about to miss out on the fun.

Here are my five most pressing questions surrounding last night’s episode.

As much as I absolutely loved watching Sayid morph into a mash-up of James Bond and Dexter, the question remains. What led to his flip-flopping on the issue of trusting Ben? Did he not mention to Locke earlier in the episode that “the day he trusts Ben is the day he’s sold his soul.”

What was the deal with Ben’s passports, foreign currency and suits? How does he travel so seamlessly on and off the island? And most importanatly, is he or isn’t he part of the Oceanic Six (My guess is that he’s not).

How is it both Naomi and Elsa have matching silver bracelets? In the world of LOST nothing is coincidental and I’m pretty sure the answer doesn’t involve one really great sale at Zale’s.

Now that Sayid has joined Hurley, Jack and Kate as members of the infamous Oceanic Six. Who are your bets for the two remaining members?

Sayid is the first of our castaways to legitimately leave the island. Why does Frank (the pilot) have to travel a very specific route to reach the freighter? What happens if he doesn’t?

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  • Common Sense

    The final reveal, with BEN! tending to Sayid’s gunshot, left me just wanting to scream in ecstacy, for some reason. My entire week is focused on 60-minutes of time, and it sure doesn’t involve Mike Wallace and Morley Safer. We can only thank the creative geniuses (yes, it took pure genius to create this world we escape to) behind the greatest show ever.

    Oh, and I’m so glad we’re not hearing the whiney folks complaining about repeat episodes at 8pm. Geez, I NEED to watch them…in order to digest and re-examine what happened in the episode, because there are so many shocking twists, I’m too stunned to absorb it the first time. The graphic pop-up clues add to the encores, as well.

    (P.S. Not that it really matters, but I’d guess that Claire is one of the O-Six, since Desmond saw her leave in a vision. And why didn’t Locke, Ben & Co. activate the force-field protection around the camp? And why does Jacob’s cabin disappear? And why did the guy Sayid shot on the golf course drive up to him, then seem afraid & try to get away from him? And………………..)

  • Common Sense,

    If Claire’s a O-Six survivor I assume her baby doesn’t count. As technically, Aaron is a survivor!

    And as for the whole Jacob’s cabin disappearing… I’m not even begin to guess. But I will say, I bet when the man confronted Sayid, he looked into Sayid’s eyes and realized that he was going to kill him.

  • Chris

    I think Daniel advising Frank to leave the island on the same heading he came in on ties back to the season 2 finale when Ben gave Michael the coordinates to leave the island and advised him not to alter the course in any way.

    I’m glad that the Desmond/Penny picture was brought back up. Like Sayid said, the freighters are lying about something. Are the Widmores involved somehow in the freighter after all?

    The braclets…who is RG? I wonder if Regina’s last name starts with a G.

  • Jack’s daddy? In last season finale he was mentioned…

    But more important: what’s the deal with the two clocks? Is the island OUT OF TIME?

  • Renee

    JIn and Sun are the final two Oceanic 6 members.

  • TVFanatic

    Great idea! I miss Barney. When’s HIMYM coming back?

  • Renee.

    I got to admit, I’ve completely forgot about Jin and Sun this season! Have we even seen them? Have they had more than a line?

  • Renee

    I know that episode 8 (which was supposed to be the finale) and is now the introduction to the final set of episodes this season is Jin/Sun Centric. That is why I feel that is when we would get the final two members of the Oceanic 6 (the former episode 8 finale). Notice, Sayid is a Oceanic 6 member and his Sayid Centric episode led to us knowing he was in the group.

    My guess is the “him” Kate is talking about to Jack in the finale of last season is Aaron, who she is raising because Claire doesn’t make it off the island. Aaron would be an “extra” member of the Oceanic 6 and not count.


  • Renee

    Actually, I messed that up….Damon and Carlton just moved up Episode 7 to act as the “finale” for the first set of eps. That episode is Jin/Sun Centric and they said that would act as more of a “finale”.

    My reason for thinking Aaron makes it off and not Claire is because of one of Ausiello’s asterisk quizzes…..Here it was from Jan 9th…

    Question: Can you tell us anything about what’s going to happen with Jack and Kate on Lost this season? — Heinzy
    Ausiello: Yes, but I have to be very careful how I dole out this particular spoiler, because it concerns a pretty jaw-dropping twist — even by Lost standards. Let’s see… Jaters will be aflutter when Kate shows romantic interest in future Jack, but it turns out there’s another special person in her life already — someone *** *** ** *** *****, *** ****’* **** a ******.

    Someone who was on the plane, but didn’t have a ticket.

  • Wow, Renee, good theory about Aaron being an O6 but his mother not being one. I don’t know how they’d pull that off, but it sounds like an interesting twist.

    I agree that Jin & Sun are two likely O6 candidates, but another interesting twist would be if one left the island and the other didn’t. Don’t know how they’d pull that off either.

    Here’s a question: Do you think there are any of the O6 that leave the island, but not necessarily of their own accord? I wouldn’t put it past Jack, Locke, Sawyer, Ben, or a not-Penny’s-boat person to drug someone and stick them on the copter against their will–if it served their agenda.

    I think Michael Ausiello might have clarified that the O6 aren’t necessarily the only six to leave. It appears Desmond gets off the island, but since he wasn’t on the airplane, he wouldn’t count as an O6 (unless “Oceanic Six” is an intentional misnomer).

    I don’t think Vincent, the dog, would count as an O6 either, even if he makes it off, but who knows. 😉

  • cam3150

    My theory on the killings and the “list”: The people on Ben’s list want to find out about what’s really going on with the island. I think they work for Scary Lawyer Guy with buggy eyes (Abaddon???). Ben knows who they are and has hired Sayid to kill them off so that they won’t find out the real story — whatever that is. That’s also in keeping with Ben’s comment to Sayid about wanting to protect his friends — he talked Sayid into working for him by telling him that if these people discover the island, everyone that stayed there will be killed. It would also explain the guy’s reaction on the golf course when he found out who Sayid really was.

    Am I the only who got a little teary when Sayid & Des took off in the helicopter? Not sure why but it was just kinda sad and it’s so uncertain as to what will happen to them now. Plus, to actually see someone seemingly leaving the island was very emotional for me.

  • nick

    Here is my guess to one clue.When Ben said he had a person on the ship that was working for him,,,could it be Michael?(Harold Perrineau)His name is in the credits….I love this show!

  • I was also thinking JIn and Sun…just because everyone knows she’ll die if she doesn’t get off the island and I don’t think Jack would let that happen.

    I want to know what’s wrong with Sayid’s lie-meter. That’s TWO MEGA LIES that flew by him (Hurley and scary Germany chick).

  • Oooh… Michael being on the boat would make a lot of sense. Nice idea Nick!

  • shanna

    I really hope that Claire is on of the O6 just because I want Desmond’s vision to be true and Charlie not to have died in vain.

    I think I have to stop speculating on Lost just because this season has had too many twists for me to even begin. ITA with the TvA. Every ep this season has resulted in a crazy amount of questions but some questions are being answered and the quality of the eps is so phenomenal that you can’t complain. I guess that’s what happens when you let good writers do their thing.

  • “Why does Frank (the pilot) have to travel a very specific route to reach the freighter? What happens if he doesn’t?”

    My bet is that if he takes a different route he will wind up in a different time than he intends. We already saw a sign that time in involved when it took an extra hour for the package to hit the island. Other routes might involve different amounts of divergence in time.

  • Alyssa12

    My guess is that Claire makes it off the island because Desmond saw it in his vision, and Aaron too, but he doesn’t count as one of the O-6 because he technically wasn’t a person on the plane, physically anyway. I think the “him” Kate is referring to in last season’s finale is Sawyer because why else would she say that “he’d be mad if he knew where I was.”?

    Those are my predictions, and I can’t wait to see what else this season of LOST has in store for us!!!

  • aly

    We dont know for sure Kate is part of the oceanic 6. She never said so. Theres no way Ben is he wasnt even on the plane! Kate probably isnt b/c she is not in prison in the future.

    One of my big questions still is who is his man on the boat? Michael?

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  • David Dean

    Okay, here’s my response….
    Kate may be rescued but for her “not” to be sent to jail…they may have “said” that she died……or

    Kate, Jack, Hurley, and Sayid are all part of the Oceanic 6…….add in two non Ocianic members I believe will be recused….Ben and Juliet, and then we are left with two….

    My guesses:
    Sawyer and locke (maybe forced off) -prob not
    Claire and baby – prob not
    Sun and Jin- prob not

    Better guesses:
    Rose and Brenard – rather possible
    Saweyer and other – rather possible
    very hard to decide!

    Either way…LOST IS THE BEST SHOW EVER! W00T W00T!

  • Carl

    Ben isn’t one of the Oceanic 815, so he can’t be an OCEANIC 6. The question though is: Is the guy/gal in the coffin part of the Oceanic Six? In other news: AWESOME episode. Although the Germany was a little bogus…but ohmy, who’s counting…

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