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While the focus of this site is predominantly on American television, every so often this proud-to-be-Canadian TV Addict likes to take a moment to highlight some of the must see TV that makes its way North of the 49th parallel.

When it comes to tonight’s series premiere of DAMAGES, one thing is for certain. You may inititally tune into the show for Glenn Close’s Golden Globe winning performance as morally ambiguous legal beagle Patty Hewes. But you’ll stick around thanks to a stellar supporting cast (or more specifically to watch Ted Danson prove there’s life after CHEERS) and enough twists and turns that you’ll soon be scratching your head and wondering whether you’re watching LOST in a courtroom. (DAMAGES airs on Mondays at 10PM on Showcase)\

In the wake of the writer’s strike, Global TV shrewdly made the move to prop up their shrinking schedule with the mother of all family dramas. HBO’s BIG LOVE revolves around husband Bill Henrickson and his not one, or even two, but three wives. Needless to say, it’s dysfunctional family drama at its best. (BIG LOVE airs on Thursdays at 10PM on Global TV)

Rather than take CTV to task for once again delaying the fifth season of NIP/TUCK until practically the entire season has been unintentionally spoiled online for us by our American friends. I’ll simply remind Canadians TV Addicts that McNamara/Troy’s move to Hollywood has led to one of the most twisted and funny seasons yet. (NIP/TUCK airs on Fridays at 10PM on CTV)

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  • Alex Au

    when will Damages Season 2 begin on Canadian TV ??? – Has it already started ???

    Also the same question for the new series of Nip TUck on Canadian TV.

  • Dear Alex Au,

    DAMAGES returns to Showcase for a second season on January 18. No word on when Nip/Tuck will be making a return, but if I had to guess, the summer.