Good News, Bad News for TV Fans

GOOD NEWS: CBS has taken the pressure off HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER by switching its 8PM timeslot with rookie sensation THE BIG BANG THEORY. BAD NEWS: While funny, BIG BANG THEORY is no HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Worse still, CBS once again illustrates that either they have absolutely no confidence in HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, or they just don’t know funny.

GOOD NEWS: NBC gave FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS break out star Taylor Kitsch permission to take a major role in the upcoming WOLVERINE movie. BAD NEWS: Thus putting what looks like the final nail in the coffin for a third season of [all together now] television’s most under-appreciated gem.

GOOD NEWS: NBC announced that they’re going to start streaming classic 80’s shows such as A-TEAM and MIAMI VICE online. BAD NEWS: The most popular of which, NBC will undoubtedly butcher into a two-hour re-imagined KNIGHT RIDEResque movie/series.

GOOD NEWS: AMERICAN IDOL and APPLE have teamed up to make your favorite IDOL performances available on iTunes. BAD NEWS: Did you watch last night’s performances?

  • Aileen

    Have you read this week’s Ask Ausiello? Someone asked about HiMyM and Ausiello linked to a blind item he wrote last year about a certain comedy where one of the higher ups on the network it showed on didn’t think the show was funny at all and was just waiting to kill it. How anyone stupid enough to find HiMyM unfunny has a high-up job in the television industry is beyond me.

  • Josh Emerson

    ^ We’re talking about the network that has aired Two and A Half Men for years. A network that aired the show Yes Dear for multiple seasons. Clearly they somehow got lucky when they stumbled across HIMYM.

    There were some enjoyable performances on both last night’s idol and tonight’s.

  • shanna

    CBS don’t know funny, they do know procedural drama.

    Taylor could film Wolverine and still do FNL. I’m hoping the show will live.