You Be the Critic: IDOL, ONE TREE HILL and JERICHO

Since the TV Addict will unfortunately be off the grid for virtually the entire day — and no, contrary to reports, I’m not off stalking J.J. Abrams who’s in town shooting the highly secretive new FOX series FRINGE — I thought I’d leave some space open to let you all chat about last night’s television.

Did IDOL’s Top 12 guys disappoint? Is Lucas really going to go ahead with a doomed shotgun marriage to Sophia Bush Lindsey? And was JERICHO’s second episode more entertaining than its first?

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  • Common Sense

    Dear Other Networks,

    Here is what happens when you get cheap and allow your writers to go on strike: I begin watching American Idol, which I’m now hooked on (at least for this season). Did you seriously think there’d be no fallout?

    Prior to last night, David Archuleta and Michael Johns were my faves, but Jason Castro (the dreadlock dude) charmed his way to a first-place tie with David. I really can’t say enough about how much I loved his simple and endearing performance. As for the rest, there’s so much to criticize, I wouldn’t know where to begin…

  • Stef

    I was bored last night with Idol. i agree with you that Jason Castro was good. I ended up liking him, Robbie (the poser rocker, I know, but I am weak when it comes to rockers, fake or otherwise) and Michael Johns. The rest of the guys were all just so dull…I was just bored with it all last night.

  • Jericho was really good last night. I like the new directions they’re taking. Apparently, Emily isn’t doing a great job “soothing” Jake. That guy is majorly stressed out. But, greiving over his father’s death and carrying the weight of his town (and, increasingly, the entire country) is really starting to take its toll on him. With Ravenwood strolling in to clean up what Beck couldn’t handle, I think it’s only a matter of time before Beck is forced to side with Jake and the ever-cool Robert Hawkins.

    Is it just me, or does Jericho “look” different this season, and by that, I mean the cinematography? I can’t pinpoint what the difference is, nor can I decide whether the change is better or worse. It’s like their using a different camera or shooting at a different resolution or frame rate. Maybe it has something to do with HD (not sure since I don’t have an HDTV — yet), but the show isn’t aired in letterbox format. Can a techie out there explain what I think I’m seeing?

  • shanna

    Well I can’t do Idol no matter what but OTH was great. Seriously, enjoyable and yes, Lucas is going thru with marrying Lindsey and in a good way Peyton (kind of) let him go. Although you know it’s not going to be the end.

    And bonus: Brooke and little Jamie action.

  • Karen

    Jericho was FANTASTIC last night. I”m so very sorry that CBS gave the fans this bloom of hope and then stuck it in a death timeslot. I fear we will be seeing the 7th episode that is a finale instead of the one that is a season finale. Just plain not fair when the one of the best, most thought provoking shows in years gets buried.

  • CC

    I dont know about anyone else but this feels like season 150 of American Idol. It’s SOOOOO overdone and last night just proved that.

  • Dave

    I also enjoyed the most recent Jericho. About halfway through I actually thought to myself that I was really enjoying it.