LOST Live Blog: 9PM Tonight

9:05PM: Hey LOST Addicts, what did that guy yell at Kate (doing a killer Jennifer Garner impersonation by the way) as she walked into the courtroom? No doubt it’s a piece of the puzzle.

9:15PM: Kate has a son!!! Holy Frak!!!! Who’s the Daddy? Oh wait… isn’t that another QUESTION. Damn you LOSTerminds Lindeloff and Cuse…. DAMN YOU!!! [With apologies for the exclamation point overkill]

9:23PM: A clean shaven Jack is Kate’s key witness. More shocking still… Jack says, “only eight of us survived the crash!”. Who and why are the Oceanic Six protecting the rest of the castaways?

9:30PM: Poor John Locke, the guy cannot catch a break. Here’s hoping Kate doesn’t screw things up, again.

9:35PM: So Bruce Lee knows the secret of Benry Gale. Think he’ll ever share that info? Honestly, it’s the only flaw with LOST’s entire premise. If everybody would just sit down and politely ask Ben, “So, what’s the deal with you and the island,” everything would be cleared up pretty quickly! That said, what’s the fun in that?

9:46PM: Speaker phone…. most technically advanced satellite phone ever.

9:54PM: Question… who’s crazier: Locke or Kate? Holy Slap Bet Batman!

9:58PM: OMG It’s Aaron! What does it mean. Do we add kidnapping to Kate’s list of charges? Is Claire dead? Questions! Questions! And more Questions! One answers for sure. Best season of LOST yet.

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  • I’m no fashion expert, by far, but did Kate’s blouse look kind of “old school”?

  • Say what !?!?! Kate has a son?

  • Karris

    OMG! Kate’s son???? And I totally loved her blouse. Wish I had it.

  • Todd, Did not see that coming!

  • Not just who’s the father, but how old is the kid? I assume the age of the kid could give some clue as to how far in the future the flash-forwards are.

  • Karris

    Damon said in an interview about how far the flash forwards are, but it’s kind of spoiler-ish, so I’m not telling.

  • Karris… Thanks so much for keeping the spoilers to yourself. LOST is the one show I don’t read any spoilers about.

  • Danimal

    Maybe it’s not her kid…could be Aaron

  • Rhonda

    Okay I don’t know about anyone else but this show makes my head hurt!!

  • Rhonda…. mine hurts too…. but in a good way!

  • Danimal… brilliant point. Which is surprising considering your nickname is danimal! 🙂

  • Jack said eight survived the crash but that two died afterwards. One of the other two might be the air marshall. But, who’s the other one? I’ve heard rumors that another major death is coming soon. I wonder if they become one of the eight.

    I guess the rescuers never stumble upon the Lostie graveyard. Either that or Jack’s group had the forethought to make sure it doesn’t look like a graveyard.

  • Rhonda

    I just figured out who Kate’s lawyer is. He’s Joey, Bill’s brother from “Big Love”.

  • Rhonda…

    Thanks for that, it’s been bugging me all episode. Just one of the many questions.

  • Karris

    Jack said that the air marshall died in the crash and he never spoke to him…so I also wonder who the two that “died” were?

  • Rhonda

    Man Kate is so freakin’ stubborn, it’s what always gets her in trouble!

  • You just knew that they never made it to the boat, didn’t you?

  • The longer this show goes on, the crazier Locke gets.

  • Rhonda

    John Locke is a Bad Mother, shut yo mouth………literally.

  • tw111

    But we know Sayid made it somewhere…..so where did the helicopter go

  • Danimal

    yeahhhhh….called it

  • Danimal,

    Congrats on the call. Now fess up, ‘Danimal’ is just a pseudonym for Damon Lindeloff right?

  • Yeap, good call Danimal. I wish I had thought of it, but as soon as you guessed it, I was pretty sure you had to be right. I knew when Kate’s kid was revealed she’d call it either Aaron, James, or Sawyer.

    Although I have to admit, the unlikely thought of her child being half Korean (as in Jin’s son) crossed by mind too. With this show, can’t outright eliminate any possibility. 😉

  • ct

    It’s interesting that Jack said that 8 of them survived the crash… he didn’t count the folks from the tail! Was that a slip of the tongue, or were they never really on the plane to begin with?

  • ct

    Wait, here’s a crazy thought: What if there’s ANOTHER plane crash yet to come? What if the eight who survived, two of them died, is actually a second plane… like, a rescue mission? Okay, now I’m just proving how absolutely exhausted I am.

  • CT, don’t forget that over 40 people survived the crash, but the Oceanic 6 are keeping that secret from the world to protect those that [allegedly/supposedly] stayed behind. Therefore, they wouldn’t necessarily have to include the Tailies, especially since the only surviving Tailie is Bernard (unless you count the Aussie flight attendant who was last seen as an Other convert), and he & Rose are in Jack’s group. Who knows; Rose and/or Bernard might be one or two of the Oceanic 6.

  • Danimal

    How’d you know tvaddict?…but seriously, how great is this show…unfortunately after 3 episodes of eli stone, I couldn’t make through tonight’s episode, despite really liking old Dade Murphy aka Zero Cool…oh well

  • katenmick

    My theory: Jack does not want to see Aaron because he feels guilty for convincing the group which included claire, to leave the island, at which point some terrible fate befalls most of them (except for “6”).
    The reason for the lies and secrecy about who was really on the island, how many, etc, by Hurley, Jack, and Kate, is to protect those who actually stayed, they are safe there! Somehow Kate got Aaron, either because Claire wanted him to go on the first ride out with Kate and they got separated from Claire who is still on the island or something terrible happened to Claire. Make sense?
    I don ‘t know what is up with Ben though….

  • Chris

    In Jack’s testimony, he made it sound like the other two people died on the island (he mentioned something about Kate trying to keep them alive), which is why it’s Oceanic 6 and not the Oceanic 8. I’m guessing his claim that the plane crashed into the water is supposed to back up the discovery of the wreckage on the ocean floor.

    Looking back on Jack’s reluctance to visit the baby, I wonder if he at this point knows Claire’s his sister and seeing his nephew really guilts him.

  • DB

    i thought it had to be Aaron when Clair and her baby played such a big role in the episode…and of course, when Jack lied in the court. But why would Aaron played into all of this? he’s not one of the six right?

  • james

    let’s all hold our guns here for a bit.

    the most logical thing is to assume that kate’s aaron is claire’s aaron as what we have all concluded here.

    but, lost being lost, dont ever close the possibility that karron (aka kate’s aaron) is really kate’s baby just named aaron as an element to throw us all off.

    i mean, karron could easily be sawyer’s son and kate just names him aaron.

    what is the island year? 2005? karron looks like about 3 years old so that would be 2008 in kate’s flash forward. do we then say that this happened AFTER the season 3 finale flash forward?

    gaaah. i am so confused

  • I seriously doubt that last night’s episode occurs before the S3 finale. Hurley’s episode establishes Jack’s beard as a turning point in the timeline with beardless Jack coming before bearded Jack.

    There again, he could have sobered up and shaved before Kate’s trial.

    It’s hard to believe that Kate’s trial would occur so long after her return from the island, but the age of Aaron (whoever he is) shows that that must be true.

    Oh, never mind, I’m confused too. 😉

  • shanna

    All I hope is that Claire is not dead and there’s some other reason that Aaron is with Kate. That’s all. Please don’t kill Claire.

    They said another Oceanic 6 would be realized so I’m assuming, Aaron is considered one of the O6.

    Btw, as soon as Kate said son I new it was Aaron so I was disappointed with the ending it was blah comapred to last week’s Sayid’s working for Ben reveal.

  • katenmick

    The more I think about this aaron or kaaron issue, one more thing occurs to me. This is a big leap but I have a strong feeling that there is more to this child that the issue of who is the mother. Recall the attorney’s comment when he wanted to bring the child into court to show the world just what kind of woman Kate was… that cmment led me to beleive she was parenting a “special” child, with a disability of some sort. We did not get a look at the child’s face purposely, I think. My guess is that he has autism or aspergers, one of those diagnoses that is characterized by an uncanny skill with NUMBERS, for example. Also many beleive, (I am one) that these children have a special spiritual intuition, or psychic ability. (which we know Lost has introduced with the addition of the new character also). Watch and see if I am right, there is more to this child than just who the parents are. He i special in some way. Agree?