Farewell Detective Green

jesse martin detective green
By: Aynonomous LAW & ORDER Addict (and President of the organization to bring back TRIAL BY JURY)

I don’t know why the TV Addict has such a hate on for one of the longest running shows in Television history, but I do think it is important we take a moment and reflect upon the impending “retirement” of Detective Green. LAW & ORDER is in its 18th season. Many reading this were barely teenagers when it premiered. Jesse L. Martin joined Law & Order in 1999 as Detective Ed Green, becoming the new partner of the legendary Jerry Orbach’s Lenny Briscoe. He is one four actors to appear on all four LAW & ORDERS and will have filmed, on just about every street corner in NYC, over 192 episodes. Not bad for a guy who found fame as the original Collins in the Tony award winning musical RENT.

I am a LAW & ORDER Addict and loved the dynamic duo of Briscoe and Green. Orbach and Martin are two Broadway performers who had the most amazing chemistry on screen. It was devastating when Orbach passed away leaving a huge void in the entertainment world and ending one of television’s finest partnerships. Detective Green has had a number of partners since Orbach’s passing and none of them have been as good as the original one. It became very apparent that Jesse L. Martin was ready to exit. The spark in detective Green had extinguished and his character was becoming more and more impatient and discontent.

Anthony Anderson, who will forever be Teddy from HANG TIME as far as I am concerned, will fill the void making permanent a guest role, Lucius Blaine, he played on several SVU episodes. With Martin’s departure and Jack McCoy behind the big desk it feels that LAW & ORDER is making another monumental change. I believe it can survive; Sisto and Cutter have been great additions. It is just a little sad to see a major part of LAW & ORDER fade away into history.

All that is left is how Detective Green will exit. Let’s hope, as Martin has suggested publicly, that the door is left open for some guest turns. We will miss Jessie L. Martin on television, but he is moving on to some exciting projects and fingers crossed a return to the Broadway stage.

I will end my lament with a note to Dick Wolf, all I ask is that moments before we see your name appear on screen please don’t out Detective Green as a politically charged lesbian.

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  • scsc

    Did you hear they are thinking of Anthony Anderson as his replacement? Oy. Love the dude, but he has to give up playing serious roles.

  • nick

    scsc wrote.”..but he has to give up playing serious roles.”(Anthony Anderson)………………..
    What?Hes great at serious stuff!Put him with Jeremy Sisto and that is a good team.I stopped watching L&O a few years ago but the new cast has given it a new life and i now watch it again.I think Anderson will be great.

  • scsc

    He is simply not a good enough actor with enough range to be on Law and Order(the original one, I know he was on one of the spin-offs). K-ville, yes.

  • Riles

    Ugh. Anthony Anderson stopped being entertaining about 5 years ago. KVille was terrible, but maybe that’s because it was (is?) a Fox show. I watched 2 eps and bailed. The serious Anderson is going to be the same guy that was the gangster on the Shield and the cop on KVille. One Note.

  • Great tribute to Jesse’s Det. Green! I love him on L&O & I hope like you do that they leave it open enough for guest spots! 🙁

  • katenmick

    I love L& O but never got attached to Det. Green, I missed Chris Noth too much.
    But the real reason for this comment is to say “What organziation to bring back L&O: trial by jury? I am in! I never understood why they killed that so soon, I thought the two lead women attorneys were terrific and the show was interesting…. for my 2 cents it was superior to Criminal Intent for sure.

  • donnarae

    I loved Lenny and enjoy seeing the reruns with him and Ed. Lenny is irreplaceable. I also liked when Michael Imperioli appeared. Something about him was endearing. I am such a junkie I watch the marathons even if I’ve seen them before. For me the jury is still out on the new L & O cast. I think I liked Jack better in the other role and the new guy needs a shave.

  • donnarae

    I loved Lenny and he and Ed were a good blend. Michael Imperioli was intresting in the guest slots. For me the jury is still out on the new replacements. One new guy needs a shave. Still liked Jack better in the old role. Ed will be missed but saw he had lost that spark.

  • Detective Green was the bomb. I will miss him very much and Lenny was his best partner. Bye Detective Green hope you will do a couple of guest spots/