LOST: We Finally Got An Answer!

As is the case with most morning afters, this TV Addict woke up with the traditional LOST hangover (or LOSTover). Why are Kate and Jack covering up the truth about the Oceanic Crash? What’s the significance of Miles asking for not 3 million dollars, but 3.2? Who are the freighter folk working for? Not to mention the even-persistant questions about Ben! The island! The helicopter! Time travel! Well you get the idea.

Yet amidst the never-ending barrage of questions was a glimmer of hope and quite possibly our first genuine answer of the season. Presumably, we now know who Kate was in such a hurry to get back to during last May’s shocking finale scene [see above video]. When Kate told Jack, “I have to go, he’s going to be wondering where I am,” the ‘he’ may infact be Aaron. So Kate/Jack shippers rejoice. Odds are looking good that Kate and Sawyer did not live happily ever after.

That said, the shocking Aaron reveal and Kate’s very particular phrasing raises an even more interesting question. Surely the baby we saw in last night’s episode isn’t exactly old enough to ‘wonder’ where Kate is. Not to mention Jack’s insanely thick Moses-like beard.

Exactly how long have the Oceanic Six been off the island and where does last May’s finale fit into the ever-more-curious LOST timeline?

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