Shame on You Parents Television Council

In yesterday’s ADWEEK, the Parents Television Council called on advertisers to boycott CBS’ airing of DEXTER on Sundays at 10PM.

“Despite countless public calls for restraint and corporate responsibility, CBS broke its own promise to the public that it would employ careful editing and accurate ratings guidelines for Dexter,” said PTC president Tim Winter. “Depictions of violence were barely altered from the Showtime network original format.”

Not surprisingly, the TV Addict yet again finds himself absolutely flabbergasted by the complete lack of common sense shown by this so called council of responsible TV watching parents.

Firstly, by calling for a boycott, the PTC is inadvertently promoting DEXTER, which by the way, if I haven’t mentioned, airs on Sundays at 10PM on CBS. Secondly, the show airs at 10PM on Sunday night! What is your ten year old doing up at 10PM on a school night? Why should the rest of America suffer because you aren’t a responsible enough parent to police what your child’s watching on television. And finally, having seen both the original Showtime version and the edited down CBS version, this TV Addict can assure worried parents that the edited CBS cut of DEXTER is no worse than anything else the Tiffany network has on its schedule. In fact, I’d go as far to say that you’d find more blood and guts on you average daily repeat of one of the eighteen CSI’s or your local news.

Agree/Disagree? Post away with your thoughts.

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  • Hil

    After you cut out most of the swearing the rest is off camera and between the lines, at least compared to other crime dramas out there. Kids shouldn’t be awake at that time anyway, and a lot of the really disturbing stuff requires you to pay attention to the plot and dialog and follow the tension… can’t these watch dog groups at least attack the programing that is on during a normal child’s tv viewing time?

  • Stef

    Man this stuff makes my blood boil. These people just want something to complain about. First of all, it the program offends you, don’t watch it. Second of all, if you were parenting your kids instead of lobbying to get a good show canned then you wouldn’t have anything to worry about it anyway because you would know they weren’t watching it! If these groups are this die hard about the bad stuff on TV, why aren’t they attacking stuff their kids ARE watching.

    That being said, Dexter is awesome and I am so happy its on CBS. If it gets canceled because of this stupidity……

  • Geez, I have a 10 year old and

    A) He sure as hell is in bed at 10pm (unless he doesn’t have school the next day, in which case, he wouldn’t be watching tv anyway!)

    B) We’re very careful about what he watches. Do we let him watch some stuff that he probably shouldn’t? Yeah, sometimes. But that’s like Stargate Atlantis type stuff. Never CSI or Dexter or whatever. Geez.

  • Linda B.

    – Why should the rest of America suffer because you aren’t a responsible enough parent to police what your child’s watching on television.-

    EXACTLY! I am so tired of everything having to be PC for children.

    BTW – what exactly did they cut out of Sunday night’s episode? I haven’t seen the original uncut Showtime version since it first aired in 06.

  • Amy

    God, that’s so stupid. Almost as bad as something else I read today:

    “The American Family Assn. urged its members on Thursday to contact Procter & Gamble to ask that it stop sponsoring “overtly pro-homosexual television programs.”

    As for Dexter, aside from the occasional bit of gore it’s more a psychological kind of creepy, and any kids who are watching probably wouldn’t understand half of it.

  • Sylvia

    Why watch Dexter if they are going to cut parts of the show. Not worth watching if this is going to happen.

  • Aileen

    Frankly, Dexter is no more gory than CSI or Bones or any other crime show. And it’s not like the show is on at 8pm or some time when kids are actually watching TV.

  • jamie

    why are they mad? i understand it’s bloody and has a generally dark concept, but so does most episodes of CSI. was “motherlover” to close to the original version? come on, great show, great cast. i do agree with sylvia. motherlover just doesn’t do it for me. (although i have begun to incorporate it into my everyday vocabulary.)

  • annsensei

    while it’s not MY kind of show, I get that some people like it. however, the commercials alone are too much for me!!! I wish they didn’t play the commercials during the time that kids (and I) are watching (ie sporting events, and the early prime time shows).

  • Jay

    They better watch they’re back, Dexter is near.

  • A. Ashley

    I am appalled that so many think this is a wonderful show. Do we really need a tv show about a serial killer? Forget the profanity, etc., what does it say about us, as a society, that we even want to watch such a thing? Don’t we get enough real violence on TV and the news without a TV show about such a reprehensible character? No wonder we have kids killing their school mates. America, shame on you!

  • Hil

    Have you even seen the show Ashley, or did you just read a short description of Dexter in the tv guide and pass judgment? It might not be to everyone’s taste, but it certainly isn’t creating serial killers. None of the violence or issues that happen in the show are trite or without context. It isn’t a show that a person would watch out of pleasure of violence. They would be disappointed in fact. It is actually very subtle and character driven. Not something someone wanting to do research on how to be a serial killer (do people even do that?) would bother to sit through when a show like CSI would spell it it to you in a single episode in a much more accessible fashion. Besides, I haven’t tried conquering most of the known world because I enjoyed HBO’s Rome or slept with my coworkers because I occasionally watch Grey’s Anatomy. The connections are just not there.

  • Actually having seen the show, I was more than a little freaked. I ahve a few friends who enjoy the show, but after 2.5 episodes, I put it down and could not bring myself to watch it again. I agree with the posters, rather than overt gore and profanity, the show has an inherent creepiness factor, a shivers down your spine, and a depressing feel to it. I wish Dexter all the luck in the world , as scripted shows seem to need it, but it will be a long time before I can put the DVD’s back in the player.

  • jamie

    the creepy factor is half of the shows appeal! now stop me if i sound fanboy-ish (thats only a saying) but getting into someone like Dexter’s head is why I love TV. TV takes me places I could never go. I want realism. A seriel killer isn’t going to say that something is “fouled up” (i’m not saying CBS should go for full realism, i get fines). There are great shows without nudity or cussing or violence. They are shows that don’t need those things. As someone who has only seen a few episodes but above all loves good TV, I am thankful CBS brought Dexter to the masses. Even with the “motherlover”‘s.

  • Dave

    So an adult content show is cancelled because someone’s kids are watching! Anybody who would let a minor watch that show is irresponsible. But adults should know right from wrong.

    Sure the show is creepy.