We Interrupt TV Talk to Promote CHARLIE BARTLETT

While we generally try and reserve movie news for theREELaddict, this TV Addict couldn’t help resist mentioning today’s theatrical release of CHARLIE BARTLETT.

Why? Because my brother Jonathan Malen does a fantastic job [in my not-at-all biased opinion] as Tyler Hilton’s [ONE TREE HILL] sidekick. [Click here to check out Jonathan jam with Tyler Hilton in Toronto]

So tonight, with quite literally nothing on television, why not turn off your small screen and spend some time in front of a far bigger screen.

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  • Jacob

    I saw the film and enjoyed everyone in it. I actually remembered you telling us from way back in August when the film was supposed to release here that he was your brother so I kept it in mind when I watched.

    Gee, one brother gets to interview and hang out with all the movie stars while the other one IS a movie star. Talent genes runs in your family, tvaddict 🙂

  • NikkiHolly

    that’s awesome. i’ll keep an eye out for him when i go see the movie (i’m supposed to go next weekend).

  • tdot

    Thatd your brother, i used to see him on a Canadian TV show, about hockey players or somthing.lol
    I willlook out for him wheni see the movie.

  • tdot,

    The show was Screech Owls! Classic Canadiana.

    A hockey team that solves mysteries off the ice!


  • I saw this movie last night- LOVED IT.