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Since this TV Addict hasn’t had time to share my thoughts on Monday’s fantastic installment of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, I’m making amends by posting a first look at this Monday’s two-hour season finale.

Oh and dear readers [and by ‘readers’ I naturally mean executives at FOX]. Please note that Monday is TERMINATOR’s first SEASON finale. With emphasis on SEASON. I fully expect to be counting down the days until Connor and Co. continue the fight for the future in September 2008. Do not even think of pulling a DRIVE, PROFIT, REUNION, FIREFLY on me. Because the only thing scarier than an angry TV Addict. Is an angry TV Addict with the not-so-secret ability to build giant mechanical robots. Robots that are surprisingly adept at hunting down clueless Television executives. Don’t believe me? Just ask that guy who cancelled ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. [Cue maniacal laugh…]

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  • Aileen

    Thanks TVaddict! I’m seriously getting obsessed with this show and I want at least a FULL season (22 episodes) of this show to air so that I can see Cameron develop more. I’ve been watching the TWOP forums to see what the news is about renewal, and so far everything seems very up in the air. Good news is that puts it in the category of “most likely to come back,” but I don’t know how accurate that is.

  • Matt

    The storylines are getting stronger and seem to building up to something very interesting. This has turned into a good series, here’s hoping it will continue with a second season.

    Let it grow and build its audience, FOX!

  • Hil

    I’ve really been enjoying it. Pretty much the only American show I am watching at the moment besides LOST. You can always count on FOX making the wrong move though.