Is David Archuleta Your Next AMERICAN IDOL?

david archuleta american idol

This being the first season I’ve seriously jumped on the AMERICAN IDOL bandwagon, I’d like to pose this question to all you IDOL veterans out there.

Is the competition over?

After last night’s mature-beyond-his-years performance by David Archuleta, should the rest of the IDOL contestants start packing their bags? Will any of them be able to compete with as Paula put it, “one of the most moving performances I have ever heard.”

[UPDATE 11:28AM] Apparently, while the woman of THE VIEW ‘watch’ AMERICAN IDOL, they don’t watch too closely. Elizabeth just showed a clip of David Hernandez’s performance from last night, claiming he’s “wrapped up the competition”. Umm… Elizabeth, what show were you watching?

  • James

    Hey check out this blog, they have the mp3 of David Archuleta’s cover of John Lennon, It’s a great mp3 music blog, you can get the song here:

  • noo

    no. because last season, there was a girl who was almost seen as the winner during the first couple of weeks, but then she only finished 4th. david might become too confident and mess up. it has happened before.

  • Stacy

    Nope. David A. might be good, but he’s not the best, imo. There are others that could give him a run for his money and title.

  • Josh Emerson

    Although the producers and judges have pimped the hell out of him, I don’t believe Archuleta is automatically going to be the winner. Sometimes it does happen that way (Carrie Underwood) but sometimes the favorite of AI people doesn’t win (Chris Daughtry).

    I like David A, but he’s not my favorite. And I don’t really get when the judges and others talk about his “maturity” and all this stuff. In the performances, he’s still coming across as really young IMO.

  • cam3150

    No, it’s in no way over. It is still waaaaaaay too early to predict a front runner. When you get down to the top 12 or 10, then you can start really seeing who will probably last until the end. But it’s never over until the last night.

    My opinion is that David will be the “Shocker” vote-off this year. You know, the Tamyra Gray or the Chris Daughtry or the Melinda Doolittle. The one everyone thought would win but gets voted off when it gets down to 3 or 4. Young males have never done well on AI and I think David will eventually start to grate on everyone’s nerves — like he is already doing to mine.

  • i dont think he’ll win, especially since hes so solid. the same thing that happened to chris daughtry and melinda whateverherface will probably happen to him, finishing third or fourth.
    out of the guys micheal johns is definately the best package, maybe not the best singer but a whole lot of people base votes on looks as well as talent.
    and out of the girls i would say either brooke white or kady.

  • Stef

    I don’t get him…he’s good, but the hype they are giving him is ridiculous! I think there are way better singers in the competiton.

    And no, the competition is not over. There is always one big shocking elimination somewhere in the middle of the competiton and I have a feeling it might be him. People will think he’s safe, forget to vote…and BAM.

  • Common Sense

    Archuleta can sing, for sure, but I remain in Jason Castro’s dreadhead camp. I love his easygoing folk flavor, upbeat smile presentation, and a humility rarely seen in music competitions.

    In his Idol interview he answered the question “What are your personal goals in life?” like this: “To be a loving father, a faithful husband, and a servant to all.”

    That’s some kind of special.

  • Car Des

    although I LOVE Jason Castro…

    there’s just no comparison. Archuleta has in in the bag.

  • Kristen

    Although my favorite is Jason (after Robbie was so wrongly voted off), I do believe David A. will win, which I’m fine with after this last performance. It gave me shivers!