An Open Letter to Ben Silverman: Re-Make This!

the west wing

If there’s one thing that Ben Silverman has taught us during his first season as NBC President, it’s that he isn’t one for re-inventing the wheel. KNIGHT RIDER! AMERICAN GLADIATORS! ‘CELEBRITY’ APPRENTICE! Who says television networks need to air original content?

Yet rather than continue to kick a guy when he’s down. This TV Addict is going to take the high road and offer to lend a hand as we inch closer and closer to the launch of the new fall season.

Mr. Silverman, how would you like a show with a built in audience of desirable demographics, a proven concept, a familiar brand and a cast that the public is already in love with?

Now I know what you’re thinking. Madison Avenue buzz words already fooled you once [see: the disastrous ratings of myspace darling QUARTERLIFE]. But trust me. This idea is a winner.

As you’re undoubtedly well aware, American is in middle of quite possibly the most captivating race to the White House in its history. People of all ages have been swept up in Hillary vs. Obama fever making politics once again ‘cool’.

With that in mind, this TV Addict would like to propose that it’s time to bring back THE WEST WING: The Santos Years, or The Santos Administration. I’ll leave it up to your marketing wizards to figure out what title sells.

Not only will a Matthew Santos Presidency resonate with a country that seems ready for change. The final few episodes of THE WEST WING’s fantastic seventh season offered up the ideal set-up for a newly re-energized White House.

Virtually the entire Santos administration [with the exception of Jeneane Garofalo who will be busy protecting American interests from terrorists over on 24] including Jimmy Smits, Bradley Whitford, Teri Polo and Janel Moloney are available. Add in a few good-looking (yes, this is still NBC) and idealistic young White House staffers and the story-lines practically write themselves. Or if they don’t, the TV Addict can be reached here.

So Ben [can I call you Ben?], before you consider re-imagining the classic NBC series MANIMAL, why not take a moment, think about THE WEST WING: THE NEXT GENERATION and utter three simple words. “Yes we can.”

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  • bws

    Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Most of the big players could be available right? Smits on Cane? Canceled. Sorkin’s Studio 60? Canceled. Bradley? Available. Hmmm… You’re right! Totally could work. A new administration would need lots of new people anyway. I see zero obstacles to this. Well, besides the fact that it’s a good idea.

  • I think this is the BEST TVAddict Post ever. All I can write is – BEN YES WE CAN!!!!!

  • TeenieBopper

    Did you see seasons 4.5 through 7? Yeah, I’ll pass on that, thanks.

    It’s simply not a feasible storyline to get the original characters back together (not even taking into consideration the death of John Spencer), and I’m not convinced that they could remake that original magic with a new cast.

    The story’s been told. Let’s look for a new one instead of rehashing old ones.

  • I gotta say, I’m completely with you on ‘The Santos Years’. The show was reinvigorated in its last year and I was sad to see it go.

  • SimplyKimberly

    I wholeheartedly agree. Santos and the stories surrounding his run for POTUS are what made me fall back in love with TWW. The new president completely revitalized the series and has amazing potential. It would get a Season Pass from me.

  • John K.

    Of course this is a great idea, provided they bring back favorites like Bram, Otto and Ronna too. And Alan Alda to play a recurring role as Secretary of State. Maybe keep Anna Deavere Smith as NSA Adviser McNally. And Ed O’Neill as VP. It’s a tragedy Garafolo, Mary-Louise Parker, Emily Proctor, Rob Lowe and Kristin Chenowith are all otherwise disposed.

  • This is an excellent idea! In fact, The West Wing has crossed my mind several times recently.

    As NBC gradually devolves, West Wing brings to mind some of the esteem the network used to have.

    For me, I wouldn’t even care if it was a continuation of the Santos years or a whole new series. I loved the short-lived Commander-in-Chief on ABC too, so I’m open to a whole new premise. I just want a new presidential drama.

    And, when it comes to a West Wing spinoff, NBC could do a lot worse. They’re doing it now.

  • m

    I think this would be great, and I think most ppl who were on the show would at least guest, it seemed like they really enjoyed it. And I agree that the Santos run reenergized the show, and that the characters could all be new. People didn’t seem to mind with the million incarnations of Star Trek. And this setup lends itself so perfectly to the new generation of the show – all new obstacles and all new characters to discover them. It isn’t Friends where the characters were everything, they were more like the rotating ER cast where the characters were a window into the world we were looking at.

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    Considering the writers have just finished striking, Maybe its a good thing there’s so much reality TV.

    The West Wing was a great show. I would love to see it come back especially because it goes with the times today.

    Wasn’t Madonna the first to make what was once old, new again? Isn’t that the latest trend these days?

    Anyone know if Ben is single?

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  • spanish

    I wish this could happen. The west wing is the best thing to happen to television and the end of the show just leaves you wanting to know what happens in the Santos Years.