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In yesterday’s TVGuide, Super Scooper Michael Ausiello revealed that Kristen Bell has yet to sign on for a third season of HEROES.

Cue deep sigh of relief.

For if the lackluster season of HEROES, combined with the brilliance that is LOST illustrated anything. It’s that Ms. Bell made a career mis-tep so serious, you’d think Logan Echolls was running the show.

That said, thanks to the WGA Strike [never thought I’d use that phrase in a sentence] one doesn’t need to harness Hiro’s time-travelling abilities to make things right.

Heading into the new season, Ms. Bell is in the driver’s seat. And with advice from’s know-it-all readers, will hopefully avoid making the same mistake twice.

So take a moment to put on your $1000 Armani suit [Think Ari Gold], randomly dress down the person sitting to your right [if they ask you with a confused look why you’re yelling “Lloyd!” offer to “hug it out bβ€’tch”] and answer this question: Your client is Kristen Bell, should her next move be…

(a) Sign on for another season of HEROES.
(b) Return to her Broadway roots by starring in her own show. [Or LEGALLY BLONDE]
(c) Ride the Apatow juggernaut to movie stardom with the upcoming Jason Segel penned FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL
(d) Hook up with Rob Thomas for another incredible television show.

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  • Smarty

    It’s never been her her goal to rejoin a TV series full time. She is on a movie track, with arcs in TV. Broadway when it is the right option. The career is doing just fine…

  • Jim

    Kristen Bell is a terrible actress. I find her whiny and unwatchable on Heroes. Good riddance.

  • Josh Emerson

    Veronica Mars: The Movie lol

    I’d like to see her return to Heroes. Yes, I said it. But then again, I’ve never agreed with you that last season was terrible. It wasn’t as good as Season 1, but it’s not like Lost didn’t go through the same thing. Finally Season 4 of that show has recaptured my attention.

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall looks like it’ll be a good movie, but I’m having my doubts about how successful it’ll actually be.

    I hope she doesn’t do Broadway. Do something we can all enjoy instead.

  • She’ll probably go back on Heroes, but I’m not sure that will be a good move. Last season of Heroes was horrible, and no it did not get better by the end, only slightly less awful.
    I’d say she should go back to movies…

    Side note: It’s probaby because I’ve always “known” Charlotte as Rebecca Mader, but I’m glad Bell didn’t do the part, I do like Mader, and not just for the accent.

    Side note: I don’t think Bell ever turned down anything for Lost, did she? I seem to remember her saying that she wasn’t actually ever offered the part, and then signed for Heroes before anything…

  • I agree with the above poster. Season 2 of Heroes struggled a bit, but towards the end showed real promise – and Tim Kring knows where he went wrong. I think we’ll see season 3 really turn around back towards what was so good about the first season.

    I also think I’d like to see her come back to Heroes. I think her character’s daddy issues could provide some interesting drama to that storyline, and if she really bucks up again she could be seriously kick ass.

    And hey, riding the Apatow juggernaut can’t hurt either πŸ˜›

  • HEROES For the win. Kirsten Bell has the chance to enliven the show with her trademarked sarcasm and wit a la Veronica Mars. I dont think its her fault that she was kinda written into the show as a space cadet slightly psychopath.

    However there were some great moments, like when she was spying on Hayden in the car, with her hand in a cast, and the other hand holding a soda. WHen Hayden starts moving towards the car, Kirsten has such a confused expression on her face, and doesn’t know whether to put down the soda, or start the car all at the same time. That seems to have defined her role on Heroes, confused and insane. Focus on her character, say bye bye to daddy dearest. We could use a little electricity to the plot…

  • Aileen

    I agree with Josh. I am one of the few people who doesn’t hate Season 2 of Heroes (it really helps to watch them all at once instead of week by week, because it’s harder to tell that the story progresses slowly when you’re marathoning).

    Also, I don’t Elle’s storyline is complete and I’d like it to be wrapped up a bit more. The end of last season made it look like there’d be some character progression for her if she returns. I say, one more season as a guest star to finish up her character’s storyline and then do the movies (please let it be something I’ll actually watch, since I’m not a Judd Apatow fan). Also agree with Josh that it would be sad for most of us who can’t get to NYC often if she did Broadway. I went to see Legally Blond the Musical in December and it was absolutely fantastic, and Kristen Bell would probably do a great job in it, but I probably can’t afford to go and see the musical again!

  • Whoa… I love her seductive eyes! Ha… ha… Veronica Mars is one of my favorite and she is very stunning lady! I think she doing great in Heroes with her antagonist act and with her furious eyes! She’s one heck of a star!

  • I’d opt for choice A since the TV-addict must be on something I’d rather not have, thinking she was awful in Heroes (or actually her character). πŸ˜›

    I don’t see how it can be coinceived that way. On the opposite, it was a good charcter that added something that was not there before. So, go ahed and continue Ms. Bell. Please don’t listen to the TV-addict. πŸ˜‰

  • jamie

    kristin bell + rob thomas = genius

    although elle was a highlight in an otherwise lackluster heroes. (come on guys, elle or crazy mexican twins?)

  • Common Sense

    Try out for Pussycat Dolls: Girlicious. The girl can sing, and The CW needs her back.

  • B but not Legally Blonde. she should open a new musical (or revival)

    or C (though D would be great!)

  • Chris

    Definitely option A. Elle/Bell (heh) was one of the best things about the lackluster second season, but I’m looking forward to seeing Kring and co. right the ship and I hope Bell comes back for at least a few episodes.

    And as much I love Bell, I can’t really picture her playing Charlotte on Lost. I mean, the role would probably have been written differently, but she would have seemed out-of-place next to Jeremy Davies and Jeff Fahey. Rebecca Mader’s been doing a bang-up job, IMHO.

  • nick

    I think its great that all of you LOST haters/Heros fan got kicked in the teeth last season.I never understood why you all hated on LOST and thought Heros was so much better.Couldn’t YOU,the Lost hater just be happy that there are 2 shows making fans happy.I think LOST is WAY better but that does not mean i don’t like Heros.Im Glad there are 2 shows on that i want to watch every week….As for Kristen Bell’s role.I thought it got better later in the season and i want to see more….

  • Naf

    I’d say hook up with Rob Thomas, or stay on Heroes and hope it gets better. Anything to make sure we still see her regularly on television.

    “Season 2 of Heroes struggled a bit, but towards the end showed real promise – and Tim Kring knows where he went wrong.”

    While I agree with you that Heroes did get better towards the end of the season, Tim Kring and co made some horrible decisions that they just won’t be able to get around. The introduction of Claire, Peter and Adams healing blood erase any of the shows tension. As soon as Nathan got shot, what was your first thought? Mine was “Peter! Use your healing blood. Peter, you idiot.” As for Kristen Bells role? They obviously have no idea where it was going. She was originally brought over to take over as the big bad while Sylar was off doing Star Trek, but now that Zachary Quinto is available, what are they going to have her do? It looks like they’re going to shove her in some kind of “villain turning good” role. And with the 20 or so other characters they have on the show, she’s going to have to fight or kill for screen time.

  • bodiddly

    K.B. do the Veronica Mars FBI series for a real network . Veronica Mars is a great character and CW should lose Dawn Ostroff forever for passing on the chance to continue the best show in recent years.Take Veronica Mars FBI to Fox and shoot a backdoor pilot written by Rob Thomas.

  • *showtime

    i think she would gain more star power from Heroes. Yes, she is in Gossip Girl, but what good is her voice if you can’t see her. She’s an awesome actress and its not her fault that Elle has a terrible personality. She didn’t write the script. I think she has to stick with Heroes because Elle and Claire have unfinished business. It would be a stupid move to re-cast her.

  • jeremy

    Kristen bell is just amazing. I think she should stay on heroes, it seemed like she was changing in the end of the second season, and i can really see some great storylines with her in season 3. We’re not sure if she’s gonna turn good (since she helped mohinder and fought sylar), or if she’ll keep or villainous character.

    On the other hand, if rob thomas would create a great new show for her to star in, and that would get picked up by a successful network that would actually care about the show unlike veronica mars and the CW, then that would be great as well.

    It still hurts me inside to watch that “season 4 preview” of veronica mars that didnt get picked up.
    looked soooo good!!

    but i support whatever she does. i will always be a fan and follow her career!

  • blueberry

    First off: VMars4EVA. Sorry.

    While I obviously loved Veronica Mars, I can’t see Thomas making another show that is built around Bell. You can’t recreate Veronica Mars unless you just revive the show. Kristen Bell playing another witty high school girl would not catch on.

    Don’t get me started on Heroes. If you look up the phrase “dropping the ball”, you would see a picture of Heroes next to it.

  • Maybe she could get on Welcome to the Dollhouse