SCRUBS To Get a Final Season on ABC?

Paging the best news ever. The Hollywood Reporter is [not surprisingly] reporting that ABC is in negotiations to pick up SCRUBS for a final season of eighteen episodes after NBC cuts the power to Sacred Heart this May.

According to E! Online’s Kristin & Korbi, SCRUBS head honcho Bill Lawrence was all set to craft a proper send-off for SCRUBS this May, until ABC came calling, offering up a surprising eighteen episode final season commitment.

Needless to say, this TV Addict couldn’t be happier for the entire cast and creative team of SCRUBS. After seven seasons of literally zero promotion, it will be nice to see ABC give one of television’s funniest [and zaniest] comedies the send-off it so richly deserves.

And who knows, if ACCORDING TO JIM can come back for yet another season [see: Ask Ausiello], who’s to say if ABC will ever cancel SCRUBS!

Hey, a TV Addict can dream can’t he?

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  • becky

    Ok, this literally made my terrible day a billion times better! Yayyyyyyyyyyy! I am so happy, that show is so good and is completely unsupported, (much like our Dillon friends) by NBC.

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  • Sweet. I hope negotiations work out. This would be one more piece of evidence that NBC sucks, and that ABC is the new home of “must-see” TV.

    One really good question asked over is: “Will NBC air the five pre-strike episodes as scheduled beginning April 10? And, just to screw with ABC, will they bill the fifth one as the series finale? Answer: Yes to the first question, and not sure about the second — although I wouldn’t put it past them!”

  • Linda B.

    Will everyone in the cast come back for an eighth season? I thought Zach Braff said he was done after this season.

  • Linda B.

    According to Kristin and Korbi, “Word inside the Sacred Heart inner circle is that Zach Braff—and all the key players—are also on board with an 18-episode run on ABC.”

  • chris

    According to Variety, this isn’t the case, but still confusing nonetheless.

  • Josh Emerson

    Please NBC, let the show go and air on a network where it will be appreciated. I would love to see Scrubs move to ABC. Maybe they could pair it with Samantha Who. That would be a great line-up.

  • shanna

    Just one more reason that NBC is dying. Seriously, not to support a show like Scrubs is ridiculous

  • Justin Leroux

    I think its time to say goodbye. I believe the show has over-extended itself in this last 7th season. It has lost its youth, charm and funny bone. its getting old and trying too hard. I wish they would follow another great comedy’s historical preference, to leave on top, like Seinfeld!

    I hope that Scrubs says good bye…it was a great show and let’s remember it that way….I really don’t cmoreare about the characters anymore. I don’t wanna see J.D. have a baby…its just losing steam and creative power..I believe every sitcome has an arc and a life and they have over-extended it and it feels tiresome to watch now…I am bored and almost embrassed at the similar antics…played over and over again…it was original, funny and cutting its tired, borderline boring and embrassing to watch these actors relive these characters over and over again….

    Say good bye Scrubs, we loved you all along, don’t embarrass yourself and us….you’re losing your stride….say goodbye….

  • Freddy

    I agree with you somewhat Justin. BUT, the show wasn’t given an ending, and I like endings. I don’t think NBC ever properly developed this program and it’d be great to see it get to go full bore, knowing that this 8th season will be it. Freddy