Career Advice for ONE TREE HILL’s Mouth McFadden

mouth one tree hillOne of the most difficult things about being a self proclaimed TV Addict is having to write negative reviews. Knowing full well, that the subject matter that you’ve just slammed may very well read your article within minutes of it appearing online.

Thus, it’s with a heavy heart that I hand ONE TREE HILL’s Mouth McFadden his first bit career advice as he attempts to become the next Bob Costas

It’s Friday night and somewhere in America there’s a High School Basketball game taking place. Well Mouth, at least you got that right.

On your first major broadcasting assignment, following the firing of your ex-boss Alice [who apparently interpreted the Michael Crichton book DISCLOSURE a how-to manual] you seriously dropped the ball. Not only did you neglect to inform fans of the game’s final score [somewhat of an important point don’t you think?], it seemed as though you spent the better part of the evening sulking in the hallway over your deceased pal Jimmy. Just ask disgraced NYTimes reporter Jayson Blair what happens when you report on things you didn’t actually see with your own eyes.

So next week, when you’re reporting live from your second Ravens game, remember the first two rules of sportscasting. Watch the game and report the score. Or else the next big game you’ll be reporting live from will be Jamie’s T-ball game.

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  • OMG, thank you for this. Mouth’s “reporting” job this week was laughable.

  • Josh Emerson

    Yep, I thought it was pretty bad too. Since when did a local newscast take a report on a local basketball game and turn it into anything more than that? Definitely a major downfall in an otherwise good episode.

  • John

    I agree the “reporting” was bad, but Mouth is no Jayson Blair. He didn’t really report on the game he didn’t see.

    Of course not reporting on the game he was sent to cover was the problem itself.

  • hahaha YES!!! omg i wanted to vomit during that whole ending monologue. as a journalism major, i found it especially ridiculous. the whole thing was just him rambling and trying to be deep.

  • shanna

    ITA. As much as I love Mouth and the theme of the episode I was like “I hope he doesn’t think they’re putting this sob story on the 6 o’clock news”