TV Addict Interview: UNHITCHED Star Craig Bierko

unhitched craig bierko interview

Remember SEINFELD? That little show where three guys and a girl sat around and mercilessly dissected every flaw in their significant other’s lives? Well apparently you’re not the only one.

Executive produced by the Farrelly Brothers and featuring an incredibly like-able cast including Craig Bierko [BOSTON LEGAL], Rashida Jones [THE OFFICE], Johnny Sneed and Shaun Majumder. Fox’s new comedy UNHITCHED is pretty much what one imagines you’d get when you combine the likes of SEINFELD with THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY.

Groundbreaking it’s not, but as long as you’re not expecting ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT levels of comedic brilliance and are prepared for some slightly off color humor [see: one very horny monkey] than UNHITCHED might be for you. At the very least, it’s far more entertaining than its former FAMILY GUY time slot companion AMERICAN DAD.

To talk about the show, this TV Addict had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with the incredibly tall series star Craig Bierko last month in Hollywood. Here’s what he had to say about UNHITCHED, everyone’s favorite Dunder Mifflin regional manager Rashida Jones and bathing John Malkovich.

The TV Addict: You look a lot bigger in person!
Craig Bierko:
I’m a big man. I’m a close up of myself.

So what can you tell us about the show?
It’s about three divorced guys who are getting back into the dating world. We’re all in our late 30’s to early 40’s and as pathetic as it sounds, we’re looking for love. Rashida Jones plays our divorce lawyer who lives next door.

On camera you and Rashida look pretty similar height wise. Yet having met her in person [at last Fall’s FOX Fall Launch] I know she’s quite petite.
She’s only about seven inches tall, the size of a Bic pen. She actually has a handle on her back and can fit in my pocket!

What attracted you to the show?
It’s got a real simple concept and I like things that are really simple. Some of my favorite shows are CHEERS and TAXI. You put a bunch of losers in a room with good writers, good relationships and strong characters. I’m done with shows where there is a dog and we hear his thoughts and he’s captain of the police.

Your resume is a mile long. Do you have a preference between TV, Film or Broadway?
I like work. Every-time I’m stupid enough to say I’m going to do a movie. I end up marching on Broadway with a feather in my cap. I learned a while ago that you can’t predict anything in this business. And that hopefully as an actor I’ll be in a position where I can select projects. No more… “Look, we have this ‘High C’ commercial that you’d be perfect for!”

What are you recognized most for?
Usually with the ladies it’s for SEX AND THE CITY. Though lately it occurred to me that I was getting recognized for an entirely different actor which is a bit embarrassing. I have a lot of messages to pass along to someone else!

Any talk of you returning to NIP/TUCK [Bierko did a guest spot as a very interesting studio executive this season]?
I’d love to. I love Ryan Murphy and that character.

Was your character modeled after anyone in particular?
Not that I know of. If he was, Ryan didn’t tell me. I was just so happy to be there. They’re really nice guy [Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh] and they’re very open when it comes to doing that show. They let you loose which is very unique in the world of TV.

Do you have a favorite show currently on television?
I know I should be saying the entire FOX lineup! But I love the Maria Bamford show. Maria Bamford is a comedian who I’ve always been a fan of. The premise is that she’s had a breakdown in Hollywood doing standup, so she goes home and does it from her bedroom. It’s really fantastic.

Ever thought of jumping on the online video bandwagon?
Funny you should ask. I just shot a show called BATHING WITH BIERKO.

Yeah we just shot it with John Malkovich [see pic]

Craig, I really don’t know you well enough to tell if you’re messing with me!
No really, it will be up in a month.

While BATHING WITH BIERKO is coming soon [click here], you can catch Bierko along with Rashida Jones, Johnny Sneed and Shaun Majumder on the series premiere of UNHITCHED, tonight on FOX following FAMILY GUY. [9:30PM]

You can also check out to pretty funny podcasts featuring Craig Bierko and Rashida Jones by clicking <a href=”″>here</a> and <a href=”″>here</a>.

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  • DecaturHeel

    Isn’t Bierko the jazz guy from Sex and the City? Quite a different role here–he was verging on personality disorder on SATC. And Rashida…RRROWWRRRR, what a fox! I hope this doesn’t mean she’ll be on the Office less–it’s the best sitcome on TV right now. The best sitcom EVER, of course is the one you compare UNHITCHED to..Seinfeld! That’s setting a pretty high standard, but it’s a good cast, and it will all come down to the writing. Maybe I’ll watch it from my oceanfront room in Del Boca Vista!