That screech you just heard. The gleeful yelp of millions of girls everywhere [and yes, a few guys too].

In a press release sent minutes ago, the CW just announced early pickups of six series today. Meaning AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, ONE TREE HILL, GOSSIP GIRL, SMALLVILLE, SUPERNATURAL and EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS have all been given early renewals and will officially return to the CW this fall.

You know what else this means? SUPERNATURAL fans, it’s really time to stop sending those Hexs Dawn Ostroff’s way. She’s done well this year.

In related news, if anyone has heard from the cast of the CW’s failed African experiment LIFE IS WILD please let us know. They’ve been on safari for a very, very, very long time.

  • Mana

    Are we talking full-season pick-ups or?

    Anyways, yay!

  • Well obviously……Smallville was to be picked up…

    Speaking of Smallville….what happebed with the Al Gough interview?? we are dying here for new info

  • Gabriela,

    The timing of the Al Gough interview was really bad. Just as I was about to connect with him, the strike was resolved. Sadly, I think he’s really busy now finishing up the season. But rest assured, I’m still endeavoring to get your questions to him!

  • Aileen

    Huzzah! Now all the worrying about whether there will be a S4 Supernatural is at an end! I’m so happy I didn’t have to wait until May to learn this.

    Also, TVaddict, I have yet to see a new podcast from you on iTunes. Is your latest one going up soon?

  • ewanspotter

    Why the CW couldn’t have put Smallville out of its misery is beyond me. Now they’re just being cruel.

  • Linda B.

    I forget where i read it (maybe on this site) but is it true that Michael Rosenbaum (LEX) will not be returing to Smallville?

  • Thanks, I kind of figured that was the reason. Thanks for the answer. I hope you can do the interview 😀

  • Mark

    “The gleeful yelp of millions of girls everywhere [and yes, A FEW GUYS TOO].”

    I feel special.

  • Mel

    Wooot!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Yep, I was one of those girls gleefully yelping because of Supernatural’s Season 4 pick up!!! Couldn’t happen to a better show!
    Great news!!! 😀

  • Awesome news about the show may it carry on but they will know have to find a way to save dean for another year, so I am sure the writers will find a cure for our Dean.

    Also updates my site

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Doing a little happy dance*
    You have NO idea how happy us Supernatural fans are to hear this news!
    We were all ready to bombard the CW if we didn’t get Season 4.


  • Darren

    I have been a faithful watcher of Smallville since the pilot episode, and I have to agree with the commenter who said something about putting the show out of its misery. It is seriously sturggling at this point although they still come up with a good episode here and there. And if Rosenbaum does not return it is going to have huge problems. I think Lois should leave more than Lex.

  • VCAD

    I believe the actors of OTH and ready to let it go. Seriously, how well does this show do with the rating? they keep renrewing this crappy show (and dont get me wrong, It’s so bad it makes u wanna watch) and they cancel shows like VM! please….

  • Sooo happy! But I really hope that they find a REALLY GOOD way to let Dean off without going to Hell. I loove OTH, but what more wacky storylines can they come up with?! GG was prematurely cut off this season, so good thing there’s a second one! And Smallville. Ohdear. When will they be done with that?? It’s like, going nowhere.

  • VCAD, OTH rates better than VM

    spaking of letting go, MOVE ON ALREADY! VM is done already. i like the show and saddened by its cancellation but i’m so sick of people griping over and over again

  • Shadow

    Sorry Dude, but I wouldn’t credit Dawn Ostroff with anything. Supernatural, in my personal opinion was renewed because the fans of the show are doing the job of the CW and promoting the show in more ways then any other show on television. Sure D.O. had to agree to the renewal, but it wasn’t her work or the work of the CW that got the show to that point. It was The fans at the urging of Eric Kripke that have done most of the work. If we left it up to the CW to promote the show Supernatural would be in deep trouble!

    Those other shows… I don’t watch them and have no interest in them so I can’t speak for them.

  • Kara

    GOSSIP GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so frakin excited! Can’t wait. Somehow, this has become my favourite new show and one of my favourite shows after Lost.

    Don’t forget GG coming back on Monday April 21st at 8 PM for 5 new episodes!

  • ormon

    i love gossip girl.that is my favorite show,oth was good for 3 seasons,and that slut payton stole her best friends boyfriend,and i lost intrest in show.totaly copy of 90210 90′ story line of brenda and kelly