We Re-Cast Misha Barton’s Role on GOSSIP GIRL

misha barton

On Friday, you may have heard that Misha Barton turned down the generous Josh Schwartz offer to play a recurring thorn in Serena’s side on GOSSIP GIRL.

In response, this TV Addict has two things to say. Firstly to Ms. Barton. Having seen your latest stab at silver screen stardom [CLOSING THE RING], you may wish to reconsider Schwartz’s surprising offer. To put it bluntly, your gratuitous nude scene was the only thing that kept the audience awake. Furthermore, at least now we can have fun re-casting your role.

So without further ado, I give you the TV Addict’s Top 5 casting suggestions. Josh Schwartz, you can thank me anytime. Or to be more specific, you can thank me by emailing theTVaddict.com some Ausiello-sized GOSSIP GIRL scoop. No seriously. My email is info@thetvaddict.com.

liza weilLIZA WEIL
Last seen as: The scene stealing Paris Gellar on GILMORE GIRLS.
Why she’s GOSSIP worthy: Because if you’re old enough to remember the early years of GILMORE GIRLS. You’ll know all to well that Paris Gellar put the chill into Chilton.

lindsay lohanLINDSAY LOHAN
Last seen as: Tabloid mainstay.
Why she’s GOSSIP worthy: Because the original mean girl is virtually uncastable on the big screen and juicy role on GOSSIP GIRL could be a first step back to respectability.

keri lynn prattKERI LYNN PRATT
Last seen as: The adorable intern Amber on BROTHERS & SISTERS
Why she’s GOSSIP worthy: After scene stealing her way through VERONICA MARS, EVERWOOD, JACK & BOBBY and BROTHERS & SISTERS, television’s hardest working guest star deserves a permanent gig.

mila kunisMILA KUNIS
Last seen as: Jackie on THAT 70’s SHOW
Why she’s GOSSIP worthy: Kelso, Hyde, Fez… In the boy crazy department, M would give S and B a run for their money.

torrey devittoTORREY DEVITTO
Last seen as: ONE TREE HILL’s worst nanny ever.
Why she’s GOSSIP worthy: Because it’s the only way we can think of to quickly save Nathan and Haley’s already crumbling marriage.

  • CC

    I think KERI LYNN PRATT would be great!

  • Aileen

    As great as Liza Weil was as Paris Gellar, the character that Mischa Barton turned down seems to be more of the slutty type, which Paris never was.

  • shanna

    I’m all for Mila being on GG. And good shout out to Torrey Devitto. I definitely want her off OTH.

  • shanna

    I meant to also add: Who the hell does Mischa Barton think she is turning down good work? GG is 100x better than the OC and it’s not like she’s doing something better.

  • Lynn

    While I did love Paris Gellar and usually do enjoy Keri Lynn Pratt, both of those actresses are about 30. They might want to start playing characters near their age. I’d actually really enjoy seeing them play characters near their age for once. Especially poor Keri. I think it’s her voice that might make her a perpetual teenager.

  • I’m SO glad that Misha turned down the job. I think it would’ve ruined Gossip Girl for me, and I love that show. I think it’d be interesting to see Lindsay on a role, she needs to get back to work. Or maybe even that stinker of a “nanny”, Torrey. Her character needs to go away forever from OTH.

  • I totally support Liza Weil for another G and G show (GG).

  • okay

    i nominate autumn reeser to be on the show…she is a far more better actress than mischa and i miss seeing her on my tv every week.

  • Andrea

    I would love to see Keri Lynn Pratt in the role.

    P.S. Misha, Gossip Girl is hot right now, what are you thinking!

  • ‘Okay’,

    AMAZING idea. How quickly I forget about my favorite OC addition Autumn Reeser.

  • Josh C.

    since everyone thinks heroes is a sinking ship take kristen bell off and put her on gossip girl i couldnt think of anyone else to play a upper east side snob. plus she’s the narrator so it would make sense

  • I say Autumn Reeser too!

  • Or, how about the actress that played Misha’s little sister on The OC?

  • Kara

    No, i didn’t like the sister either. After Marissa, she was the second most annoying character on teh show.

    THANK GOD she turned it down, she would have ruined GG with her “so called acting”. Funny she turned it down though, I guess she can’t get enough of her Dlist movies that go straight to video. Supposedly her publicist just leaked it purposely because they wanted to connect Mischa Barton’s name with something other than “DUI, and drug posessions”.

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  • Mary

    HEY!.. I thought closing the ring was amazing . It was so indie it was awsome .. leave her alone people turn down jobs all the time