Following last night’s incredibly enjoyable, yet not at all proper send off for TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, this TV Addict thought he’d take a moment to put the fandom’s mind at ease and reveal the five reasons why Connor and Co. will continue the fight for the future this September 2008 [Or, in non-nerd speak, get renewed by FOX for a second season]

1. Hasta La Visa Ratings
In the modern era of the internet, PVRs, DVRs and iTunes, ratings simply don’t mean nearly as much as they used to. As long at THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES continues to attract 7-10 million viewers a week, the show will remain on the air. As it essentially serves as a glorified commercial for where the serious money is now being made: Foreign sales and DVD Box sets.

2. It’s not just a show, it’s a brand
With the fourth film TERMINATOR SALVATION: THE FUTURE BEGINS already staking out a May 22, 2009 release date, FOX and Warner Bros aren’t about to cancel CONNOR and tarnish the luster of one of their most valuable and storied franchises. And don’t even get me started on the t-shirt sales!

3. Prepare for TERMINATOR 24/7
Come May 2009, get ready for an invasion of an entirely different nature as the combined marketing muscle of Warner Bros. and FOX hype up the season finale of the TV series alongside the launch of the fourth movie. Forget manipulative and brilliant robots. Watch in amazement as the real evil geniuses [Hollywood executives] use the television series to build audience awareness for a successful movie which in turn helps bring more viewers back to the small screen come Fall 2009. [Cue Evil Villain Laugh…]

4. Brian Austin Green Deserves a Break
Rather than sell his soul to the reality TV Gods [see: Ian Ziering, Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth] the notorious B.A.G. cast aside his David Silver alter ego and proved to the world he can genuinely act. Does the BEVERLY HILLS 90210 alum not deserve a break?

5. The TV Addict is Never Wrong
Do you not remember the last prediction I made? See: The Top 6 Reasons why the WGA Strike will be resolved in time for the Oscars.

  • I loved the finale. I thought it worked really well as an end to the season despite that not being the intention. The scene with Derek and John at the park was really great, I’m still trying to wrap my brain around it though.

    Between this and LOST there’s way too much “time travel” stuff on TV!

  • Ally

    I never watched 90210, but BAG is amazing. They really caught a break with writing a really interesting role and finding an actor that is awesome in said role. Here’s hoping for not only renewal but for a series regular bump for BAG.

  • TimG, I totally agree about that scene in the park. It was the best part of the two hours. It’s nice when even hard-edged shows like this have a heart underneath

    I also like how they showed the Cormartie/FBI massacre without actually showing it. Nice visual. I wonder how & why our main FBI guy (can’t remember his name right now) survived both the massacre and the point-blank showdown afterwards.

    TVAddict, why specifically do you think Fox’s sendoff of the show was not proper? Are you coming at it from a story or publicity angle? Assuming you’re talking about the cliff-hanging moment at the end, I feel it was a bit rushed and came out of nowhere.

  • shanna

    I really liked last night’s “season finale” but I can see where the second ep was probably more of a first part of a two-part episode. I think the writers were probably going to wrap up why Cromartie left Ellison.

    I really loved the scene in the park. And I’m glad Derek knew about Kyle. I just wonder if John told him in the future or if Derek figured it out.

    And B.A.G. owns my heart. He’s amazing in this (and everything else). I still miss his funny womanizing character from Freddie Prinze Jr.’s show. He is a really great actor.

  • Davor

    I surely hopes that will be season 2 cause this was awesome. I couldn’t imagine this show with somebody other than Lena Headey playing Sarah Connor. She is amazing.

  • frank

    Apparently the ratings are out. The finale got 7.98 million live viewers, and a 3.1/8 share of the 18-49yr demographic. Throw in timeshifted DVR viewing, and I think It’ll be 9 or 10 million, this show has HUGE DVR numbers.


    I really hope this is enough for renewal. This show is awesome.

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  • travis

    I’ve enjoyed the show and am a perfect example of ratings not mattering. I get up early on Tuesday mornings and watch it online at Hulu.

  • Aileen

    Well, TVAddict, if your #5 reason proves to be false and you are indeed wrong on this one, I may never trust you again. This is the show I am most worried about being renewed and that I want renewed the most (luckily the news about Supernatural put me out of my misery about the renewal of that show).

  • jake

    the ratings are too low, for a show THAT expenisive. if it were any other show averaging in the 8-10 million viewer range, then i might agree with you, but the fact that it is the most xpensive show on the air on fox right now, and is only averaging 8 million, does not bode well.

    p.s.- and a new terminator movie coming out- wouldnt that HURT the show, since itll be remaking the mythology and the movie word is canoin. what if john connor dies in movie 4? what will happen to the tv show then?

  • Actually Jake, according to Josh Friedman, it really isn’t that expensive a show to make. In his own words: “It’s not actually an expensive show to produce. I think we’re below the budget of many action shows that are on TV right now. In fact, our budget is much more in line with your basic drama that you would find on any network. So I don’t think that cost at this point plays much of a factor.”

  • Jay

    They need 2 add Brian Austin Green as a regular, he’s awesome!

  • riley

    I hope this is renewed. It was awsome! of course, the only bigger mistake than not bringing it back is brining it back without Cameron. no doubt she survived, but will Summer Glau return? I certainly hope! in fact I have no doubt about the shows return, but surface does ring a bell. everyone thought it would be renewed. GO TERMINATOR!

  • moro

    If we have a second season, Please don’t make this into “The Reese Chronicles” or “The Cameron Chronicles”! More Sarah Connor PLEASE!

  • Jadey

    I was really surprised at how watchable and good the first season was. I was expecting more of the same… Something sort of like Bionic woman (not an awful show, just not GREAT). I was pleasantly surprised, and I looked forward to each new episode. The acting was amazing for such a rag-tag no name cast. Yeah sure… Lena Headey, Brian Austin Greene, but really noone well known. I had never heard of Summer Glau, but she was AMAZING!!! If they don’t renew, they will be making a HUGE financial mistake. If nothing else, I hope Sci-Fi will pick them up.

  • 790

    Reason 6:
    Summer Glau!

  • Hil

    It better come back. With a generally disappointing tv season (writer’s strike blah) this was a bright spot for me.

  • Nuj

    Jadey, you need to check out the TV series Firefly and the movie Serenity, which feature Summer Glau in an even more amazing role. I adore her!

    She’s the main reason I watched the show in the first place. I liked it, looked forward to it, but would not have been devastated if it didn’t make it. Then BAG came on, and kicked everything to a new level. The relationships are what make any show, and his performance is incredible.

    Incredible enough to make me want to get Freddie on DVD, which apparently does not exist. 🙁

  • Tony

    Reasons 5 to 10: Summer Glau, I have no words to describe this chick. Best actress I’ve seen around in a long while!

  • Kevin

    Did anyone else gasp during the finale when Summer blew up? I know she isn’t dead, but I hope she keeps her skin. Summer = Perfection.

  • One of the bright spot in the great writer strike darkness. The next month is going to be long with no new Terminator and no new SGA until battlestar galactica return for is final fourth season! I agree that the DVD boxset sales pretty much outweighs the cost of production. For a hint at the fate of Summer Glau character just google search image using terminator sarah connor chronicles tag and you would find a few nice picture.

  • Adrian

    I just saw the debut on TV3 here in Ireland. Its unbelievable awfully. I won’t be tuning in next week. Its badly acted, the dialogue is dumb. This show will seriously damage the terminator franchise.

  • Kara

    After horrible Bionic Woman, I was supriIsed by how interesting Terminator is. Although, I am not sold on John Connor yet (they could definitely have chosen someone better).

    If the cost is not really a problem as stated by someone above, then there should be no reason for it not to be back. It was always doing better than its horrible lead in (with a better lead in would definitely have guaranteed 10 million viewers).

    I just found out that Gossip Girl (WOHOO!!!!!!!!!!) got renewed (it kills Itunes (always #1), online downloads, DVR,etc) and now I hope Terminitaro gets renewed too! Times are changing, and networks should really focus on how to make money from these different markets because the younger viewers ARE NOT watching televison live and will continue NOT to watch live in the future….There is a reason that the NBC network which has the lowest average age of viewers compared to 3 major networks also has most shows in the top 10 most DVR’d shows on television.

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  • filminizle

    I surely hopes that will be season 2 cause this was awesome. I couldn't imagine this show with somebody other than Lena Headey playing Sarah Connor. She is amazing.