Good News, Bad News for TV Fans

the office castGood News: NBC has revealed that they’ve ordered an unheard of thirty episodes of THE OFFICE for next season. Bad News: Which may sound great now, but think back to September. Do you remember how underwhelmed fans all were with four consecutive super-sized episodes?

Good News: The mildly intriguing NEW AMSTERDAM premieres tonight on FOX. Bad News: It premieres on FOX. See the network’s previous attempts at March Success: DRIVE, THE WINNER, THE LOOP and FREE RIDE. Well, you get the idea.

Good News: My Name is Earl nabs a high profile guest star. Bad News: The guest ‘star’ is Paris Hilton. Need we remind you Hollywood: Her fifteen minutes of fame will never run out if you continue to put her on TV. [Source]

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  • Josh Emerson

    Not all of the Office episodes last fall were weak. The “Fun Run” season premiere was actually really great. Besides, it’s not like we’re losing any of the normal half hour episodes in exchange. These are a bonus.

    I’m betting My Name Is Earl will somehow make it work even if it is Paris Hilton.

  • ewanspotter

    I already feel sorry for New Amsterdam.

  • Frank

    This is one of my favorite things you do TV addict. Keep Good News/ Bad News around!

  • Frank,

    Thanks so much for the kind words! I seriously never tire of hearing how much people enjoy the site 🙂

  • Aileen

    I read on Wikipedia that production of New Amsterdam was shut down in October (wasn’t that pre-writer’s strike?) with only 7 episodes in the can and no new episodes ordered so far. I don’t have high hopes for it surviving, which is sad because I saw the pilot tonight and it was mildly entertaining, on a Moonlight level (good, not great).

  • Stef

    The day The Office comes back I am throwing a party. I have missed it so much!

  • Linda B.

    I think My Name is Earl has run out of steam. I used to really like it, but this season’s prison episodes seemed to go on forever and i got really bored. Now, they’re putting Paris Hilton on??? I think they may be grasping at straws to figure out what to do w/ the show to keep it fresh. I suspect if it comes back next season, that may be its last.

  • Linda… how does PRISON BREAK: MY NAME IS EARL edition sound?

  • Brian

    I agree that an hour long episode of The Office is a bit much. The 30 min length works so well..It gives enough to not over stay it’s welcome, and leave you wanting more!

  • Josh Emerson

    I lost interest in My Name Is Earl once they got to this prison storyline. They should’ve just kept going with his list like when the show began, even if it meant the show wouldn’t last 10 seasons.

  • mike

    kevin reilly is now the new president tv addict! can you please recognize that this is a new organization, with new people. reilly would never cancel shows unfairly, see: friday night lights, the office etc. how faith!