Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that NBC has teamed up with satellite provider DirecTV to bring fans a third season of the critically acclaimed yet ratings anemic FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.

While nothing is official yet, and Deadline Hollywood didn’t mention specifics like number of episodes and potential premiere dates, one thing is for sure. Come tomorrow morning, TVGuide, E!Online and Entertainment Weekly will all be jumping over themselves to break ‘Exclusive’ FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS stories!

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  • shanna

    YAY! I just bought the first season on DVD to bolster confidence. I hope they get a third season. In a timeslot (or network) they deserve.

  • OMG this just made my day!!!

  • Emaline


  • Stacy

    Please Please Let this be true!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • OMG I just read that article from Deadline hollywood too! I’m going to hold off until I hear official word before getting too excited but…

    I’m already to do my happy dance on the inside!

  • BHcolin

    This is good news! I’m so happy. This is truly great show and deserves to be scene. I hope it’s all true!

    My question is who will air the episodes first. Cause you know how USA network aired Law & Order :CI months before NBC what will NBC/Direct do? I have comcast so I hope NBC gets it first cause I hate to have storylines spoiled.

    But I’m not going to complain because this is total happiness for me. I love love love this show and am amazed why more people don’t watch it. It’s well written, well acted and has this heart to it. I feel for these people like no other characters from a TV show It really is like watching a slice of life!

    Thanks NBC!!! (knock on wood)

  • tdot

    I better hear 30 Rock gets another season too!!!!!!!

  • BHcolin,

    Ausiello thinks that DirecTV will air it first, followed by NBC. Regardless of who airs it first, I say, it’s better than no show at all!


  • the-good-shepherd

    Regardless of who airs it first, I say, itโ€™s better than no show at all!

    So say we all!!! ร„hm wrong show… i ment:

    Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t be cancelled!!!

    Thank you tvaddict, you just made my day!!!

  • Tarn

    Excellent news!

    I’m part-way through the first season on DVD and I’m hooked.

  • A-w

    Ohh so cool..!!

    I’m just a few episodes until season 2 final…

  • Oh god! I was just holding my breath until I read this news. FNL fans need a new season to clean this bitter taste second season has left in our mouths.

    May I suggest? Writers, please, a dramaticly death for Lyla Garrity and more Swim-wear scenes for Tyra ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Pandora

    YIPPPEEEE!! There is a television God. The best show on tv is coming back!!