WGA Strike Payback: It’s Time for Networks to Reward their Dedicated Fans

You may have noticed that the major networks have recently started their promotional push to remind fans that scripted sitcoms and dramas are returning soon. Said CBS Entertainment Chief Nina Tasler in today’s USA TODAY, “I can’t underestimate the importance of telling people you’re back.” Added NBC marketing chief John Miller, “We do have a job to get people back.”

And while it’s nice that the networks recognize the need to let fans know the shows so near and dear to our hearts are returning. This TV Addict can’t help but think that fans are owed a little more for having to endure over three months of reruns and reality TV. Not to mention CROWNED, CLASH OF THE CHOIRS and the glorified two hour car commercial that was KNIGHT RIDER.

Now obviously I’m not expecting NBC to have Tina Fey knock on my door and personally invite me over to watch 30 ROCK [The TV Addict’s address just in case!]. But as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

So with that in mind, this TV Addict thought he’d throw out a few ideas that the networks may wish to pursue in order to put the past three months behind us. Seriously, no pressure….

1. Donald Trump must shave his head on THE APPRENTICE series finale.

2. GENUINE CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER featuring the following television stars: T.R. Knight, Isaiah Washington, Katherine Heigl, Chad Michael Murray, Sophia Bush, Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson.

3. Each network must automatically renew their most popular on-the-bubble show. Meaning HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE, MOONLIGHT, JERICHO, CASHMERE MAFIA, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, JOURNEYMAN and REAPER should all get last minute reprieves. And yes, I realize CBS has a little more work to do than others.

4. SUPERNATURAL showrunner Eric Kripke must turn one Fan Fic into reality. And no, I’m not talking about that kind of Fan Fic. Seriously Winchester fans. Get your minds out of the gutter!

Got your own ideas as to how the networks can make up for lost time. Post away.

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  • Josh Emerson

    Fox disqualifies Danny Noriega and kicks him off American Idol as a goodwill gesture towards the network’s fans. They do this at a press conference where they announce the renewal of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

    Meanwhile, CBS decides to have a younger-skewing night of quality shows featuring How I Met Your Mother, Old Christine, Jericho, and Dexter.

    The CW decides to apologize to viewers and replaces Girlicious, Crowned, and other awful shows with a Veronica Mars reunion, which is kicked off by a cameo from Veronica Mars herself on Supernatural, just for fun.

    NBC renews 30 Rock for the next 4 seasons while simultaneously cancelling Celebrity Apprentice and My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad.

  • blueberry

    To make up for the gross injustice (understatement of the year) that is Moment of Truth, Fox will revive both Arrested Development and Firefly. Period. Seriously.

  • Blueberry… I like your thought process. Better still, let’s hook up the FOX executives who green-lit MOMENT OF TRUTH and have them answer a few questions!

    Josh…. while we’re talking Thursday night crossovers. Why not a SUPERNATURAL/SMALLVILLE crossover. The WInchester boys head to Kansas to investigate some demons who got into Lex’s stash or Kryptonite. Lana can also be killed in the crossfire since apparently Kristen Kreuk is looking to leave at the end of the season.

  • ewanspotter

    I’d love to see that crossover. I can just imagine all the shots of the Smallville people taking one look at Dean and going, “Wait, don’t I know you?”

  • Mel

    Perhaps along the lines of your Supernatural idea, TVaddict — 2 or 3 ‘prequel’ movies featuring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and the events that lead up to Sam going off to Stanford and Dean and John off on their own.

  • Lou

    I don’t think anyone in the Supernatural fandom would say no to a body swap episode. I for one would pay good money to see Jared pretending to be Jensen and vice-versa!

  • katie

    yeah seriously, supernatural fans, and by that I mean homies, get your head out of the gutter.

  • Emily

    love the idea for the casting of Celebrity Big Brother. talk about fireworks!