24 Set to Return Early with a Two-Hour Prequel


The following takes place between 8PM and 10PM this fall 2008. Jack Bauer’s back baby!

Following an unexpected year and half hiatus, it was announced today that FOX has taken a page from the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA playbook [see: RAZOR] and green-lit a two-hour “prequel” movie that will bridge the gap between seasons six and seven.

Needless to say, we at theTVaddict.com couldn’t be more thrilled. And in an effort to lend a hand as the production team gears up for Jack’s early return, this TV Addict thought he’d offer up this blatantly obvious promotional poster. [Note: For ways to thank me, nobody plays collateral damage like this TV Addict!]

Who else is excited for “2”?

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  • SimplyKimberly

    Is the Big Damn Returnee going to be in it?

    Either way I am beyond excited. 24 owns me more than any other.

  • Amy

    Yes, very excited. Love your poster.

  • Carolyn Cooper

    Thanks for the update!
    Great poster…I made it my background!
    And, yes…I too wait for that scrumptious returnee…I don’t care how they write him back into the story. Losing him was one of the mistakes of the show..but – bringing him back?