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I knew little Jamie was gonna wind up face-down in the pool sooner or later on ONE TREE HILL. I actually thought it would happen in the first episode, when pop Nathan was still in the wheel chair. I assumed Nathan would pull himself up from the wheelchair and save his son’s life. But no, they didn’t go the predictable route. Or at least not that predictable. Anybody else assume that when Brooke and her boy toy found a woman passed out in that glam New York City pad, it would be Victoria? Why is the show using Daphne Zuniga so infrequently? And am I wrong, or was Mouth completely missing from this week’s outing? And Lindsay? As much as I’m loving the show, it’s in serious need of balancing.

You’ve gotsta love the makeover episode of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, if only to see which girls will emerge looking hot and which will wind up on the “ghetto mess” side. Every year, a girl cries, and this year it was Fatima, who wept while getting a weave. Now I’m told by a friend who has had her fair share of weaves that it is a pretty awful process. But for God’s sake, Fatima was the victim of genital mutilation in her home country! Surely the discomfort of a weave can’t begin to compare to having your vagina sewn shut! Meanwhile, Allison was this week’s “oblivious moron”, what with her insistence that she rocked her photo shoot despite the fact that the photographer — who said of her “the lights are on, but nobody’s home” — and Mr. Jay were clearly unhappy with her performance. And just for the record, when Miss Tyra asks if you know how to say “thank you” and then the panel looks at you expectantly, be smart enough to say — all together now — thank you! Oh, a special note to the producers: We viewers are willing to put up with product placement, but there’s a limit. This single hour featured Apple Bottom jeans, specific Cover Girl products (as well as the weekly mention of the company with the makeup giant), Wal-Mart, and Elle McPherson’s line of “knickers.” Frankly, I was amazed that with all those products to be placed, they found time for actual commercials!

Those special effects GENERAL HOSPITAL used for the climax of the Text-Message Killer storyline were phenomenal. You can’t create that kind of tension on a simple sound stage. And kudos to the soap for not airing that cool “behind-the-scenes” footage, which gave fans a glimpse into how they achieved the effects, until after the storyline had wrapped so as not to give away any of the twists. But now that Diego’s dead (again), Emily’s murder has been solved and Liz has survived her latest crisis, I have something to say on behalf of every person I know who watches this show, and it can be summed up in four words: Stop the violence. Seriously.

Can anyone tell me why the heck BIG BROTHER’s Julie Chen offered up, in excruciating detail, every nuance of the big twist that was about to unfurl? “In a moment,” she said in a tone that I suppose passes for excitement when dealing with the emotionless Chenbot, “the evicted houseguests will go to the door and find it locked. Then the alarm will sound and they will be called into the living room, where they will learn that they are no longer playing as couples, but will now be competing as individuals.” Way to take absolutely any suspense out of the next ten minutes. And how crushed was poor, “Matty”-obsessed Natalie upon finding out that he would no longer be forced to share her bed! Meanwhile, reason #4,3679 to love Crazy James (as he’s referred to in both the chat rooms and, perhaps not coincidentally, in his gay porn clip on the web): The producers obviously instructed each couple to “debate” who they were going to vote to evict, and James turned it into an exercise in mockery. Chelsea could barely keep a straight face during their diary room interview.

  • Josh Emerson

    Nope, I figured all along that it would be Rachel that Brooke found in her apartment. Back in the season premiere, I figured it was her that Brooke had to fire over the phone.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Mouth and Lindsay missing from this week’s episode. It was a strong one anyway, and Mouth’s storyline was the weakest in last week’s ep.

  • Bob

    I think ONE TREE HILL is doing a great job juggling story arcs this year. You can’t expect to see every supporting character in every episode. Mouth wasn’t even a regular until the 3rd or 4th season (can’t remember which).

    I really like how they have gradually reintroduced characters from the past four years. It was nice to see Rachel but I was more pumped seeing Tim last week. We haven’t seen him since season three. I hear they are bringing back cameos of others in future episodes.

    I like the fact that they got rid of most of the parents/adults. I wasn’t a fan of any of them with the exception of Dan. They need to have more Dan and they need to bring him back into his snide and evil glory that he was in the earlier seasons.

    Face it, American TV seasons are so long that they need filler episodes. I think these past few episodes have been quite good for filler episodes. Expect the next episode to be better leading into the midseason wedding.

  • CT

    Josh –

    I agree, Mouth’s is almost ALWAYS the weak link, but I really like him with that girl whose name I can’t remember right now. I just really hate when a show allows characters to completely drop for episodes at a time. They’ve barely used Daphne Zuniga, who is just being wasted. She’s so much fun!

  • shanna

    I was very happy that OTH took a break from the Luke/Peyton/Lindsey triangle (hence the absence of Linds) and I am kind of over Mouth for an ep. I really miss Victoria and Skillz though. Is it bad that I prefer Jamie’s scenes with Skillz and Brooke rather than his own parents.

    I haven’t been watching GH for a while now. Don’t know if I sould go back.

    ANTM product placement was off the hook. I really don’t know how they fit it all in. Loved Elle Macpherson though.

  • CT


    It’s funny to hear people say that TV seasons are long… it wasn’t so long ago that the typical season of a show featured anywhere from 28-34 episodes. Now, we’re lucky to get 20-24.

    As for the role of parents on the show, sorry, but I don’t know a lot of 20somethings who don’t have at least SOME interaction with the adults in their lives! Television would love nothing more than to convince us that anyone over the age of 30 — and thus, outside the desired demographic targeted by advertisers — doesn’t exist, but it simply isn’t true! And trying to create a world in which it is rings false. The best stories – especially when it comes to soaps, which, in the end, OTH is, involve multiple generations.

    You and Shana both mention Lindsay, and I’d say this: They did such a great job of making her a player who interacts with all the characters that it didn’t need to be part of the Peyton/Lindsay/Lucas story. I’d have liked to have Haley turn to Lindsay as a shoulder to cry on. Same with Mouth: Since he’s supposed to be covering OTH’s games, it would make sense to have him bond with the injured player. Maybe even have the injured player confide in him, creating a situation where Mouth has to decide whether to be a true journalist and report the story, or be a friend to this kid. It could alsocreate a great situation in which Mouth has to decide whether or not to tell Lucas that his star player is injured.

    I’ve complained in the past about Mouth being a satellite character who basically orbits around the bigger players. I love nothing more than a well-integrated cast where even bit players have a role in every episode. What’s the point of making fans care about him — or, more importantly, about him and Brooke’s assistant — if you’re not going to play them?

    But as always, that’s just my two cents…

  • CT


    I couldn’t agree more about Jamie’s interactions with Skillz and Brooke! I mean, I lvoe that kid, period, but he’s SO good with them.