WGRZ Needs to Get a Clue

Taking a page from TVGuide, this TV Addict says JEERS to NBC’s Channel 2 in Buffalo [wgrz.com] for ruining last night’s installment of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. While I can appreciate that the station has a responsibility to alert the public with regards to events cancelled as a result of our never-ending winter. Would a periodic message along the bottom of the screen that says something like, “visit wgrz.com for the latest news on snowstorm related event cancellations” not have sufficed? Was a news ticker throughout the entirety of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE really necessary? Perhaps someone at the station wants to clue into the fact that we no longer live in the 90s. Use email, set up a Twitter, alert your viewers via SMS. In other words, get a clue.

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  • scsc

    As much as I hate that ticker too…you are talking about the city of buffalo and all surrounding areas and a lot of them do not have internet….they don’t all shop at the Walden Galleria.

    Maybe post the info in a ticker only during commericals would be better, but of course…who knows how the corporations might feel about that.

  • TeenieBopper

    This is Saturday Night Live we’re talking about here. You’re upset over a news ticker ruining the show? Shouldn’t you be more worried about, oh, I dunno, the show ruining the show?

  • TeenieBopper,

    While I can understand your skepticism, Amy Adams was fantastic. Her opening sketch with her ‘twin’ had me busting a gut.


    Firstly, they had the ticker during commercials as well! Second, I really don’t think the people of Buffalo would appreciate you calling them a third world country! While I’m well aware of Buffalo’s recent economic woes, I’m pretty sure internet access, even if it is dial-up, is pretty common.

  • Newsgal

    Speaking from the perspective of a news person – TRUST ME.
    Not everyone has the internet.
    And if you just give a website, a tv station is GUARANTEED to get dozens of phone calls of people complaining about the fact that they don’t have the internet.

    No, Buffalo isn’t a third world country…
    but it does have elderly folks who couldn’t care less about getting online… and rely on tv for all of their information – ESPECIALLY church cancellations. But then again, the older folks were probably in bed during SNL. Either way, your damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
    Trust me on that one.

  • scsc

    Hmmm….last time I checked I didn’t use the words thrid, world or country in my post. The internet is not as commonplace you might seem to think it is. Why do you think so many web cafes are in Toronto. I don’t know the stats, but the web is still not the number one source to keep people informed.

    Buffalo is not a third world country or city. I have been to places that are and you are insulting them by infering that I said Buffalo was one. It is just not the economic viaduct of the US. Hence the Bills coming here to play games in order to generate more income and a bigger fan base.

    Having people referred to a website for emergency/cancellation of events is not the best way to provide information to the general public…perhaps word of mouth spreads via the internet, but so does false information.

  • scsc

    Yes some grammatical errors…my bad. I am tired.

  • Mel

    Hey! I’m in Buffalo and I was online during SNL LOL

    I’m surprised they left the ticker on the whole time — even the commercials — they don’t usually do that. A tech glitz maybe?
    If it was only a running ticker, consider yourself fortunate — sometimes they box the whole screen with graphics AND a ticker. Now THAT’S annoying.
    And to make matters worse — after all that – the sun shone brightly all day Sunday. Some of the secondary roads are still impassable today — but we’ve moved on from the weather as a topic of conversation to the antics of our governor . . . . .