Hey Britney… Have You Met Ted?

If HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER gets renewed for a fourth season, fans may have… wait for it… Britney Spears to thank.

According to E! Online, and confirmed by MOTHER Masterminds Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, Spears will appear as a guest star on the show’s fourteenth episode of the season playing a co-worker of Teds.

Such stunt-casting worthy of well, Spears last TV sitcom gig WILL & GRACE naturally begs the question: Just how desperate are you to see HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER get picked up for a fourth season? Because this TV Addict will publicly pledge to buy tickets to a Britney Spears concert [assuming she ever performs again], should the inevitable ratings boost factor into HOW I MET YOU MOTHER getting renewed.

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  • Josh Emerson

    Same here. It is so completely worth having Britney on the show if it means it’ll get picked up for Season 4. This is great news!

  • teedot

    Hey if it gives it a ratings boost, Im all for Britney. This needs a 4th season…

  • Sure, but what happens after Britney goes and takes her audience of ne’er do wells and tabloid readers with her.

    Then all that’s left is a missed opportunity to have Alicia Silverstone on the show.

  • shanna

    I’m all for it because odds are HIMYM will get picked up and Britney might not even pull it together to guest star (just being realistic)

  • babygirrr

    I think it sucks. Why do people think she still has enough fans to pull into the show.. she is a total trainwreck and I don’t want to see her in my favorite show, and she is a sucky actress. I think they are tainting this show for me a bit. I would much rather see Alicia Silverstone than BS.

    Man this sucks.