AMERICAN IDOL: Archuleta Implodes!

david archuleta

Quick question IDOL Addicts, what do the four time Super Bowl loser Buffalo Bills and David Archuleta have in common? Turns out they both can’t deliver when it really counts.

Don’t get me wrong. One can’t begin to imagine the amount of pressure any of the twelve IDOL contestants, let alone seventeen year old Archuleta must be under as they walk on the stage to perform in front of Simon, not to mention millions of viewers. But this competition isn’t your run-of-the-mill reality television show. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime career making opportunity. As Randy might say, You got to bring it!

Which begs the question, who do you think is going home tomorrow?

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  • Josh Emerson

    Archuleta could go out there and stand silent for two minutes and he’d still be at the top of the votes lol.

    I can’t imagine anyone but Amanda or Kristy leaving. They were such awful WTF performances that rank up there with Sanjaya’s “best.” Unfortunately, I’m fearing for my guy David H. He was weaker than he needed to be tonight but hopefully he’ll stay safe.

  • Josh,

    I agree, as bad as Archuleta was, he still has enough votes to get him by this week. My pick for getting the boot is Ramiele Malubay. She was dreadful.

  • david

    “when it counts” is blowing it in the finals. But this competition doesn’t count. There are too many bad singers there to fall back on (country girl, goth girl).

  • engel

    sweet boy

  • BHcolin

    I don’t really get why David Archuleta is so adored. Sure he’s a cute kid, so I see why the young girls and boys love him that way. But his singing, I don’t think he is as good as the raves he been getting. I hear how he is this great singer and great voice, but I don’t really see it

    The problem is he doesn’t quite sound like a boy and yet doesn’t sound like a man — you understand what I mean. So I understand the young crowd but it’s Simon and crew that I don’t get loving him so much

    And then with Tuesday show he didn’t impress me again -at all. I know he’s not going anywhere but I wouldn’t mind if he did go. He’s over rated to me

    just my thoughts

    just my thoughts

  • Stef

    BHColin: I could not agree more. I don’t get what all the hype is about. He’s good, but honestly I find him rather boring! This reminds me very much of how baffled I was that Elliot Yamin was still in the competition a few seasons ago…I never got the hype and I never will I guess.

    Anyway, picks to go home: Bottom 3 – Syesha Mercado (because she was forgettable and had the worst spot, #1), David Hernandez and Kristi Lee Cook. Going home: Kristi Lee Cook, I pray to GOD.

  • KaraChica

    Ok ever since David A. performed last night I’ve been rehearsing what to say this morning to all the Blogger Bullies out there who feel the need to feed off this poor kid’s mistakes.

    1) David Archuleta is the most talented person in this competition. He even said in his interview that he wasn’t really familiar with songs from the 60s. I blame his mother who, instead of dancing around the living room like a hooker, should have been teaching her son the wonders of The Beatles.

    2) So he forgot some of the words. Big freaking deal! God, people make one mistake and the media are all over them like deranged vultures!! His voice still sounded amazing, he was just nervous that’s all.

    You know what, screw AI. If David A. wins or not he will still become a star and he will bring his humbleness and purity into the hearts and minds of everyone the world over and create something really special that hasn’t been seen SINCE John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

  • Josh Emerson

    Wow Stef, you don’t like David A or Elliott? I can’t think of many Idols who are more vocally talented than Elliott Yamin. He’s amazing.

  • Stef

    I’ll admit that Elliot has a good voice. I just didn’t get all the AI hype with him. He was boring. He’s doing ok now, and that’s great. I’ll admit I have a song or two on my Ipod. I’m just saying, while he was in the competition, I used him as my time to take a bathroom break.

    Same goes for David…I’ve been trying so hard to figure out what is the big deal with him…even rewatching his performances…and I just don’t get it. He has a good voice. And he’s humble and he’s young. He’s not excting, and he’ll end up on Adult Contemporary radio alongside Clay Aiken.

  • Nicole

    Carly and David Cook, top 2. Out of all the contestants, with what they have shown of themselves so far, these two, especially Carly, have proven that they deserve to win. Seriously, nobody’s voice can match Carly’s, and David is just different from everyone else, in a very good way.

  • I vote Kristy Lee Cook off the island NOW! American Idol does Hee Haw was the most god awful thing I have ever had to endure…..I do not care how “hot” she is- the girl has no common sense! This is a pop singing contest- that would embarrass any Nashville Star contestant. Go back to your horses hun and do some barrel racing to burn off steam…..

  • Brandy

    I’m still just really upset at the horrid treatment of the Beatles that went on last night. Not just this boy, who at least admitted he was nervous about it, but man it all just seemed so wrong, like Lennon was rolling in his proverbial grave. somethings you don’t mess with… The Beatles would be one of them.