Pimp YOUR Favorite Show

As you may have noticed, the giant image [or ‘header’ to get all web design guy on you] promoting the season finale of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES is woefully out of date. The reason. Until something exciting in the world of TV happens, this TV Addict has run out of inspiration.

So with that in mind I thought, why not open the space up to the fans?

How would you, yes you random [insert favorite show] fan like to use the above space to help promote your favorite show. Want thousands of television fans to know when SUPERNATURAL or MOONLIGHT return? Got a favorite quote from THE OFFICE or ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT? Still crying over the cancellation of FIREFLY or AMERICAN DREAMS. Now is your chance to be heard.

Simply email danielthetvaddict@gmail.com an image that measures 713 pixels wide by 248 pixels high [Note: Please keep all images family friendly] and who knows, the next time you visit theTVaddict.com, the enormous header image staring back at you could be your own.

Talk about fierce!

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