The TV Addict Needs Your Help

Dear Readers,

For just over two years, has helped you pass the work day with, at the very least, mildly entertaining diatribes about our common addiction — television. 

In return I’ve asked for nothing. Today all that changes. 

This TV Addict needs a free hotel for the Paley Festival, a life, a 52″ flat screen SCOOP!

I mean seriously folks. How am I supposed to compete with the likes of Michael Ausiello, E! Online’s Kristin, the guy at Kraft services, if people don’t start emailing me scoop?

So if your name happens to be Josh Schwartz, or you simply work behind-the-scenes at virtually any show on television [Heck at this point I’ll post scoop from ACCORDING TO JIM] feel free to email me anytime at


Your friendly neighborhood TV Addict
(Making the work day go faster since 2006)

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  • alex

    you should team up with spoilertv they are probably the biggest spoiler site out there

  • Subtle Daniel… too funny!

  • I’m starting to think you have a thang for Schwartz. Is this love or just love for Gossip Girl?

  • James

    So let me get this straight…you want me to do your job for you?

  • GMMR… at least somebody noticed!

    James… yes, that would very much be appreciated 🙂

  • 790

    Oh I could give you some big 24 spoliers but I would never do that. I want 24 to be a huge hit next year.
    Besides I like that Terminator header.

  • Keep up the good work! Ausiello is a rhymes with spool- he has been totally off the mark and running on rumors for the past 2 months. Whats the deal? His moles all lose their jobs in the strike?
    And Kristin? Well she is too cutesy for me- keep giving us the real dirt!!!
    I want some hard confirmation on who is in and who is out for Smallville season 8- am tired of nothing but rumors and innuendo.

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