May We Suggest: Brilliant But Cancelled on DVD

With the exception of the AMERICAN IDOL results show [which let’s face it, can be watched in about fifteen minutes courtesy of my trusty PVR], there’s slim pickings on TV tonight. Which means it’s time for another installment of May We Suggest: TV on DVD. [How many hours until HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER returns?]

Tonight’s theme is “Brilliant But Cancelled” and features an eclectic mix shows we wish were still on the air.

Our evening kicks off at 8PM with FOX’s ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL, followed by our behind-the-scenes Hollywood hour at 9PM courtesy of Jay Mohr’s ACTION and Darren Star’s GROSSE POINTE. 10PM brings us a double helping of Aaron Sorkin. As we press play on the under-appreciated gem that was SPORTS NIGHT, finishing off the hour with a condensed version of STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP. All the Sorkin greatness minus the parts where he gets too preachy and condescending.

  • God bless your taste, or maybe I’m only saying that because I actually own every single one of those shows on DVD already. However, Wednesday also brings BB eliminations, new episodes of Law and Order and Gauntlet 3, and the season premieres of South Park and Top Chef. That’s plenty enough for me.

  • shanna

    I own none of those DVDs and I’m definitely ties up with Gauntlet and Top Chef tonight. Plus, I’m getting out and getting some culture. Going to the opera!

  • Elliot

    Don’t forget about Wonderfalls. And isn’t there a new episode of HIMYM on this monday night?

  • TeenieBopper

    Seconded on the Wonderfalls, and I’d like to add Dead Like Me.

    Also, even though it was mentioned on Friday, Firefly is good enough to be watched twice in one week. I’ve done it. On multiple occasions.

  • Amy

    Wonderfalls and Firefly definitely top my brilliant but cancelled list, with Dead Like Me, Everwood and Studio 60 not far behind. Thankfully all of them I have on DVD – except Everwood. I think I’ll be dead before they release S2-4 of that show though.

  • Davin Peterson

    Did you know their is a website called Brilliant but Cancelled? Visit it at

  • Kristen

    Hello! What about Freaks And Geeks?