A Dream Becomes Reality: 90210 THE NEXT GENERATION

Sure we’ve dreamed about it, fantasized about its possible return, developed elaborate scripts ideas complete with character bios and costume designs, but until this morning, we never believed it would actually happen.

In fact, if this news actually pans out, CW President Dawn Ostroff could very well make up for the cancellations of EVERWOOD, VERONICA MARS, GIRLFRIENDS and JACK & BOBBY in one fowl swoop!

Ready for it?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “The CW is developing a contemporary spinoff of Aaron Spelling’s seminal 1990s teen soap BEVERY HILLS 90210.

But wait, the news gets better. VERONICA MARS mastermind himself Rob Thomas is in talks to write the pilot which has already been put on the fast track by the network!!! [Note purposeful overkill on the exclamation points. Because yes, this is news is that exciting]

Needless to say, details of the spin-off are being kept tightly under-wraps. But that isn’t about to stop this TV Addict from humbly suggesting one tiny little idea [which I swear I haven’t been thinking about for years] that could link 90210: THE ORIGINAL SERIES with 90210: TNG

Your lead girl, your Marrissa Cooper/Brenda Walsh if you will, should be conceived as none other than Hannah — the daughter of Andrea Zuckerman and Jesse Vasquez. Taking it a little further, if there’s one thing VERONICA MARS taught us, it’s that everybody loves a class struggle. Hannah, the product of working class parents on scholarship [Principal Zuckerman perhaps?] must struggle with the realities of her new school, her new boyfriend [obviously a Logan Echolls type] and more importantly a new zip code. Welcome to 90210 B*tch! The show practically writes itself. Rob drop me a line, we’ll talk!

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  • This news makes me want to kill myself.

  • Josh Emerson

    Oh come on, is this really necessary? The CW is going to be nothing but reality shows and teen soaps. I like my One Tree Hill, but it seems like they might be going overboard with these types of shows.

    The only thing that’ll change my mind is if Rob Thomas is the one that does this show. I think it’s safe to say that it’ll be a good show if he’s behind it. Let’s hope that happens! And that his new relationship with the network leads to Veronica Mars: The TV Movie.

  • Common Sense

    Well, Josh, despite offering great (yes great) comedies like CHRIS and ALIENS, viewers just don’t seem interested. Thus, the Comedy Dept. was eliminated. Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill are the biggest draws for the net’s target audience, so why not play upon your strengths? As the “fifth network,” reality shows are just…a reality. They don’t cost as much, and they’re short-term, in case they don’t pan out.

    I like this concept better than watching sweaty ‘roiders fake-wrestle on Fridays. How ’bout you?

  • TV Addict, if this really does go forward, the idea of at least one of the new major characters being the offspring of one old major characters is a great idea.

  • Stef

    Wouldn’t this be directly competing with Gossip Girl?

  • DB

    isn’t the CW developing another gossip girl like show from the book’s writer? how many pretty rich and spoiled teens shows do they need? I like Gossip Girl just fine, but I don’t want to see any more clones.
    If they could get Rob Thomas on board for anything at all…how about that 4th season of Veronica Mars fans REALLY REALLY wanted instead of this….I don’t even think CW’s demo audience ever seen an episode of 90210.

  • shanna

    I’m still lol’ing at “The show practically writes itself!” It does because all it is is The O.C. crossed with 90210. I would be on board with this IF they can come up with a strong Veronica Mars-like lead. Maybe even a male lead because I’m kind of over the female-helmed teen dramas. I’m not sure, I kind of feel like there’s a time for everything and maybe 90210 has had it’s time. It would take a seriously inventive reimagining for me to jump on board.

  • Neena

    Shanna i agree with you about Veronica Mars…but that will probably never happen with this…i don’t really see what they can possbly do with a 90210 spin off…afterall hasn’t this been done recently with the OC?

  • shanna

    Yea. the more that I think about it too, the great thing about shows like 90210 and Dawson’s Creek, etc was that there were no other teen dramas on at the same time. I doubt I’ll be tuning into 90210:TNG and GG and OTH etc, etc.

  • Mel

    How about Melrose Place while they’re at it?
    People are already NOT watching Gossip Girl in droves — what makes the CW think a rehash of an old show will be the next hip new trendy thing??

  • VCAD

    I’m nervous I dont want RT to be involved with a crappy show, I agree 90210 was done for a new generation in THE OC, and it was good and bad and everything while it lasted, I dont think a NG is necessary, I only hope RT can prove me wrong and it ends up being a great show…

  • Nathan

    This does not make up for the cancellation of Veronica Mars at all. Not even close. Rob Thomas should refuse to work with the CW network after the way that Veronica Mars was treated. How Dawn (mega bitch from hell) strung the fans along thinking that it would get renewed when in fact she knew all along that it was going to be cancelled. The only reason I still watch the CW is that I love Supernatural, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. But we all know that if Rob Thomas is behind this 90210 concept its going to be great because the man is a genius. Ohh and Kristen Bell should guest star. Lets see VM alums guest start together once more time. Whose with me?

  • Wow, I’m in awe! What a totally unique idea. I mean, NO one has ever made a show before about rich, spoiled, good-looking teens, wallowing in angst and immorality. **eye roll**

  • i don’t like the idea. no one beats the original

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  • rebecca

    okay this is a soap opera i see where kelly has a little boy that looks a lot like steve OKAY he was married to janet and they had a daighter but whos to say that they also had a boy and they got in a car accident and the only one who servived was the little boy kelly adopted the child that child looks nothing like brandon or dillon