LOST: Mind Officially Blown!

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LOSTerminds Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse, you got me again. You win. It’s over. I’m officially done trying to predict your brilliance.

Honestly, this TV Addict thought he was so smart. That I had it all figured out. Who didn’t know that Michael was Ben’s ‘man’ on the boat? Jin rushing off to the hospital was so clearly a flashback. And the fact that Sun was a card carrying member of the Oceanic Six, no surprise there. In fact, I’d go as far to say that I was genuinely proud of myself. I’m never the guy who predicts stuff. Kevin Spacey was Keyser Soze, so didn’t see that coming! Perhaps the countless hours spent in front of the television each and every week hadn’t actually fried all my brain-cells [take that Mom!].

Yet just as I was about to hop online and proclaim my brilliance to a community of fellow LOST addicts, it hit me. There’s still five minutes left in the episode [D’OH!]

Cue jaw drop. JIN IS DEAD. Mind officially blown!

After regaining consciousness, the questions naturally began to swirl. Is Jin really dead? Which LOST nerd, err… I mean fan, screen grabbed and translated his tombstone? Was he part of the Oceanic Six? Does the baby count as part of the Oceanic Six? Who killed themselves on the freighter? What is this sickness that’s causing people to go nuts on the freighter? Why is Charles Widmore really after Ben? Where does Benjamin Linus find three hundred dead bodies and more importantly have the resources to stage a fake plane crash? How’s Michael doing? Where’s Walt? And just to not completely gush, is one of the island’s mysterious properties the ability to learn foreign languages really fast? The ease at which Jin has picked up english is astounding!

And finally, after Desmond and Penny’s tearjerking phone call from two weeks ago and last night’s incredibly beautiful Sun and Jin reconciliation when did Kleenex become a ‘must have’ while watching the show? When did LOST become EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION?

Post away with your theories.

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  • I also felt proud of myself. I could tell right away that Jin’s flash- was a -back, not a -forward. Hints: Jin & Sun were never in the same scenes. Jin’s temper, rudeness, and obsession over the panda (like he was, literally, on a mission) were old-school Jin. His cell phone was primitive looking for 2004 (same as Jack’s cell phone was too advanced for 2004 in the s3 finale).

    The clencher was the store clerk’s reference to the year of the dragon. Since you weren’t live-blogging the episode, I was watching on TiVo, paused it, and looked up year of the dragon. It would be either 04 Feb 2000 to 03 Feb 2001 or 04 Feb 2012 to 03 Feb 2013. The year 2000 was a more obvious choice.

    The one minor flaw of the episode was Sun calling out for Jin during labor, which was an *overt* red herring, and the only thing that made me doubt the theory of Jin being in a flashback.

    I’m surprised that you were shocked at Jin being dead. After knowing his scenes were a flashback, it’s the natural conclusion that he doesn’t survive…

    …Unless, he’s not dead and is forced to fake his death along with dozens of other survivors not included in the Oceanic Six. Jin could still be on the island. Sun said she missed him. She never said he was dead. The rest of the world just thinks he’s dead (possibly, *has to think* he’s dead).

    Which begs a question I’m not sure anyone has asked… Why is the O6 just six? Why not more? Rose & Bernard sure want to leave too. My theory is that the staged wreckage at the ocean bottom is six corpses short (or five, if Aaron counts as one of the six, since as an unborn baby he wouldn’t have had his own seat). So, they can only take back “6+Aaron/5+Aaron” without blowing the cover-up. Maybe that’s why Jack is obsessed with going back to the island. Maybe there are more than the O6 who wanted to leave but didn’t have the option.

    Is the number limit enforced on them by those staging the crash, are the six hand-picked, or do the suvivors get to vote on who should be in the six? I think the answer to these questions will also explain how Aaron ends up with Kate.

    Lastly, why does Yun-Jim Kim not get more media attention? Is she not a great actress and likely one of the top 5 most beautiful women on screen? I’ll take Yun-Jin Kim over Angelina Jolie any day.

  • Todd,

    Fantastic points as per usual. I’ve always assumed that Jack’s obsession with returning to the island is because there was only room for six on the helicopter and that part of the deal is that he’d have to rescue a whole lot of other losties.

  • Hil

    I think Jin’s death was faked along with the others who the Six seem to be protecting. The date on the grave stone was the plane crash date. Sun, in a delirious state, really thought he was alive enough to show up to the delivery room. Hurly and the grave scene didn’t seem like a funeral feeling. He didn’t sound overtly sad when he asked if it was time to go “see” Jin. *shrug* I was sad for about ten seconds after the credits and then went, “wait a second!” Classic LOST more or less.

  • Chris

    I had heard rumors of a death and Jin being one of the Ocean Six, so I spent the whole episode waiting for Jin to be hit by a car or taken out by Sun’s father as he rushed to the hospital. My brain started gearing up when Sun called out for him at the hospital, but I still went “whoa!” once the reveal was made.

    Did anyone think the doctor was acting a little sketchy? I was worried that they were trying to steal the baby since it was conceived on-island and may be worth examining.

    Did anyone else literally scream “bitch!” at the TV when Juliet told Jin about Sun’s affair? And I say this as someone who loves, loves, loves Juliet.

  • cam3150

    Yeah, I think Jin’s death may be fake too. The main give-away is that the tombstone shows his date of death as 9/17/2004 (according to multiple other sites), the date of the plane crash. Why would they list it as that if he died after the rescue?? I think he stayed on the island — the only reason I can come up with is that maybe there was only one more available seat left on the rescue vessel and he allowed Sun to have it. It’s entirely plausible that Sun’s emotional “talk” with him could have just been because she missed him and was unsure if she’d ever see him again.

    I got the feeling that Jin was in a flashback when the doctor told Sun that they would try to reach Jin for her but yet, we had already had at least one scene with Jin telling whoever that he was on his way to the hospital.

    Was there any other significance to Jin’s flashback that I missed? Or was it just to throw us all off??

    Even though I saw the big Michael reveal coming from a mile away (although how cool would it have been if it had been a shock???), I still thought it was done well. And Michael really did look different. I’m not buying that he’s the spy yet either. I still think it’s Walt somehow. He and Ben seem to have some kind of teleportation-like abilities.

    Also, somebody remind me, I know Michael and Desmond were around at the same time but did they know each other??

    But, my theory is that we will see everyone who has died again. I think they are all alive — Christian Shepherd anyone??? Anybody want to explain how he went from being dead in a casket to alive and well in Jacob’s Cabin??

  • Mike

    The one explanation that makes sense to me as to why there are only 6 survivors and why some folks would want (or need) to stay on the Island – its magical healing properties.

    Is it possible that some must stay to stay alive & healthy, and maybe others want to stay with those unable to leave due to medical conditions and maybe others want to stay young forever?

  • Linda B.

    Okay, i must be an idiot, because i did not realize Jin was in a flashback til he told the nurse at the hospital that he’d only been married for a few months. I guess I was just enjoying the episode and not looking for clues to trick us.

    I was the other one who yelled out Bitch when Juliet told Jin about the affair.

    And, the Michael reveal, saw it coming a mile away. His name has only been in the credits for weeks now. I wonder why they did that? I think it would have been a bigger surprise not knowing the actor was coming back. I’d been looking for him to make an appearance for weeks now, so when i saw a figure in the shadows mopping the floor, of course it was Michael.

  • mg714

    Count me in as one of the slow ones to realize that Jin was in a flashback – I didn’t even think about the cell phone (even after all the buzz after Jack’s flashforward and his phone).

    After realizing that the date on his tombstone is the date of the plane crash, I think he is one of the survivors who were left behind on the island. We already know that the Oceanic Six have been lying about how many people actually survived the crash so I think Jin’s “death” is part of that whole mystery and why Jack says they need to go back to the island. I really cannot wait to see what’s going on but also am in no rush for the series to end either! This has been an amazing season of Lost – definitely the best drama this (shortened) season and I’m sure it’s only going to get better. (Hey Emmy voters – are you paying attention?)

  • mg714

    Oh – also had to add: I think that Desmond and Michael never met each other. Anyone know for sure?

    And I wonder why when Hurley asked Sun if anyone else was coming and she said no, Hurley said “Good.”?

  • Aaron is the other member of the Oceanic Six, DAMMIT!!! I’m getting so tired of people thinking that this is even an issue. Aaron was born on the island before the rescue, so he counts.

  • Hil

    Aaron wasn’t on the flight manifest and wasn’t on the Oceanic flight. So unless they are stretching the term to include anyone plucked off the island (say, Juliet should she get off etc) it would only be those on the manifest. I guess they could consider Aaron one of them, but I find that annoying.

  • SimplyKimberly

    The scene were Jin/Sun reconcile at the camp and he says that what she did (the affair), she did to THAT man (the man who withheld his affection) was one of the best scenes of the entire series. I was a puddle. It was true and real and raw. And using Bernard to help bring that fact home for Jin was a great touch. I love his character.

    I also think that Jin’s body not being buried on the island indicates that he made it off. Jin is the final member of the Oceanic Six.

  • Hil

    Who knows what body is in the ground there. Could be one of the bodies Ben or whoever had put in the fake crash or no body at all. Presumably they could conveniently “ID” passengers to bury even though we know they did not die in the crash.

  • I reacted differently to Juliet’s outing of Sun’s affair. While it may qualify as a bitchy thing to do, it was also a desperate move made out of genuine concern for a mother and her unborn child. When Juliet was first introduced, it was hard to tell what side she was on. It’s become increasingly clear that she is not the typcial Other, and her handling of Sun is one more piece of proof that she’s a loyal good guy (but inevitably screwed since she was never on Flight 815, and therefore, probably can’t be rescued and still maintain the Oceanic Six cover-up; she’s probably the reason only Jack wants to go back so badly).

    I think the debate as to Aaron’s status could go either way. Technically, he was alive, he was on the plane (although in the womb), the crash didn’t kill him, and he did get off the island. So, he could be counted as an O6. But, as Hil said, he wasn’t on the manifest. They don’t sell tickets to unborn babies, and he didn’t have a name or an official identity at the time of the crash. And, depending on how you look at it, Aaron was a “passenger” of a passenger. So, it’s plausible that the O6 only refers to ticket-purchasing survivors.

    As a side argument, can anyone else wrap their head around a timeline that the O6 would have to manufacture to explain Kate as the plausible mother of Aaron? Could she have been pregnant enough at the time of the crash (despite not having a huge belly like Claire did) to have the baby on the island and have it look as old as he is? Claiming that Aaron was conceived on the island wouldn’t work or she would have to be no more than four months along at the time of the rescue. Perhaps Ben uses his resources to orchestrate some kind of anonymous adoption for Kate after the rescue. That would require Aaron being “snuck” off the island secretly, which would negate any Aaron-as-O6 debate. But, that would look fishy, because who would let a fugitive adopt a baby? The easier explanation is that Claire is considered one of the eight original survivors but is one of the two that died before the rescue, and that Kate adopted Aaron while still on the island.

    Speaking of children, I wonder whatever happened to the children who were snatched away by the Others right after the plane crashed. I don’t think we’ve seen them again at all. They would have aged like the actor playing Walt has. So, if we ever see them again, we’ll probably have to overlook a re-cast (easy to overlook since only the two from “The Other 48 Days” had speaking parts). I wonder if the show creators worked in the abduction subplot to intentionally avoid the child-actor-aging dilemma.

  • SimplyKimberly, it’s very unlikely Jin was an O6. His tombstone had the date 09/22/2004, which is the day of the crash. Assuming that’s his death date, the O6 are claiming he died in the crash as part of their cover-up. I don’t know what other significance that date could have on a tombstone.

  • A-w

    U GOT NO IDEA HOW MUCH I “CYBER-HATE” YOU, right now…. I mean i haven’t watched that epside yet, and you ruin me the “surprise”…. Haven’t you learn yet to use the “SPOILER WARNING” thing….

  • cam3150

    Ummmm, how about NOT clicking on and reading the “Lost” post about the previous nights episode until AFTER you’ve actually watched it?? Of course, there are going to be spoilers.

  • madi

    yeah…. sorry but what do you think we’re going to talk about? previous episodes? lol

  • I’m fascinated that I haven’t yet seen anyone else guess that Juliet is pregnant. Didn’t she say to Sun, about getting off the island, “…and so do I”?

  • Stef

    This is from entertainment weekly’s site…ew.com.

    “Sun’s flash-forward fake-out seemed to close out the first act of Lost’s future-time story line: identifying the members of the Oceanic 6, the celebrity miracle survivors of Oceanic 815. To recap, they are Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron, and Sun. Now, I know what some of you are saying: Aaron can’t be a member of the Oceanic 6 because he wasn’t born prior to the crash and therefore was not technically an Oceanic 815 passenger. To which I say, Please. Don’t be so literal. In the Lost world, the Oceanic 6 is clearly a media-coined term, pinned on these six souls by some clever headline writer or newscaster. And being in the business, I can tell you that tiny little facts like Aaron’s non-passenger status would never, ever get in the way of a easy, catchy piece of phrasing. We journalists are exactly that lazy. So let’s call it: The Oceanic 6 is settled.”

    I think I have to agree. After my boyfriend and I spent hours arguing about whether or not Jin was one or wasn’t one and if Aaron counted as one of the six or not…. I think that we’re supposed to assume the 6 are officially: Sun, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid and Aaron.

  • Jen

    I agree that Aaron counts. What Jeff Jensen said on the EW website makes perfect sense, and I believe that Carleton Cuse even said that Aaron counts (in a Podcast, I think). As for the “other 2” of the 8 that survived the crash, this was already confirmed to be an arbitrary number by Carleton and Damon. It was used by the Oceanic 6 to make their cover story more plausible, according to those guys. Their story is: 8 survived the crash and floated in the ocean a while, then washed ashore on an island, where 2 died in the time leading up to rescue. I guess it would be more believable that not all 8 would make it. That would be seen as something of a miracle, I guess. Anyway, I will take “Darleton’s” word for it.. 🙂

  • AJ

    I don’t think jin’s memorial marker is meant to be a grave marker. often when there is no body, the family will still erect a memorial stone in the cemetary or in another location so they will have a place to go remember their loved one. since it looked like the only one in the area, I don’t think it was supposed to be an actual grave for jin. I do agree, however, that jin is still alive on the island. I can see him insisting that sun be given the last available seat on the helicopter, even though it means that they will be separated.