Will You Be Watching The Return of Amy Sherman-Palladino?

Today’s BIG TV Addict Question: Will you be tuning into Amy Sherman-Palladino’s [GILMORE GIRLS creator] long awaited return to television when THE RETURN OF JEZEBEL JAMES premieres tonight on FOX at 8PM?

Because this TV Addict certainly will be.

Sure, the show has generated some negative buzz, thanks to Michael Ausiello reporting that Parker Posey didn’t exactly click with a full-time TV gig and Maureen Ryan remarking that, “Fast-paced, tart dialogue isn’t enough to sustain a show if the people reeling it off aren’t worth spending time with.” But GILMORE GIRLS entertained this TV Addict for seven years and a big part of that was as a direct result of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s creative brilliance.

How about a little loyalty people. What happened to “Where You Lead I will follow?” Am I the only TV Addict who takes TV theme songs literally anymore?

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  • Ash

    I saw the pilot months ago during the Upfronts and it left much to be desired. I am probably one of the biggest Parker Posey fans but just couldn’t get into this show. I’ll give it another chance and hopefully they’ve refined the pilot but I don’t see it lasting very long, especially on Fridays.

  • John

    Did you follow when ASP left GG?

    I won’t be following her to RoJJ based on the bad to scathing reviews.

  • John. would you not agree that GILMORE GIRLS and replacement showrunner David Rosenthal did the best they could with a really bad situation?

  • Liz

    I’ll be tuning in! I’ve been waiting for this ever since I heard that it was a child of AS-P’s. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her. I also like Parker Posey.

  • Mohammad

    i’ll be watching for sure. i heard episode 2 is better than the pilot so i’ll be tuning in for the first two episodes for sure.

  • John

    I do agree they did the best they could and I liked much of the last season. Although I hated the major story arc – the Lorelai-Christoper marriage plot – but much of the rest was OK. I know they were sort of trapped into L/C story by ASP signing Chris to a multi-episode contract befoer she jumped ship.

    My remark was addressed to your comment that you would follow ASP anywhere, which would presumably be away from GG when she and DP left the show.

  • Tim

    Maybe I just came in with lowered expectations because of all the negative press, but I enjoyed it. Only seen the pilot so far, but I thought it was good. I think most people went in with huge expectations due to the powerhouse team of Parker Posey, Lauren Ambrose and ASP.