You Be the Critic: Thursday Night TV

Since I was at Massey Hall last night laughing away with the absolutely hilarious Chris Rock [Yes it’s tough being a TV Addict]. I leave it to you, my far smarter and better looking readers to fill me in [minus the spoilers]. Just how incredible were last night’s installments of LOST, ELI STONE, LIPSTICK JUNGLE and SMALLVILLE? Be the critic and post away.

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  • Linda B.

    Smallville – zzzzzzzzzzzz. That show is getting soooo boring. They really need to put it out of its misery. I only watch it out of habit. I’d be curious to hear what other shows people watch out of habit (or duty) only because they’ve invested so much time in them.

    LOST was awesome as usual. I’d give some plot info, but i’d be afraid anything i’d say would ruin it, so you need to watch it yourself. Definitely put it at the top of your viewing (and don’t miss the last 5 mins!)

  • SimplyKimberly

    I don’t want to give anything away to anyone unfortunate to have not seen it yet, but last night’s episode is one of the best of the entire series. It was so incredibly good. 6 out of 5 stars.

  • SimplyKimberly

    And the show I was talking about was LOST.

  • Ok, Lost was just MEAN last night. That and I totally didn’t get the “twist” right away. Someone had to point it out to me, and that made the show even MEANER.

    I have a serious love/hate relationship going on witth Darlton right now. Great episode though.

  • bws

    Remember, the date was 9/22/04. That’s the date of the plane crash. So we know that’s a lie. I picked up the twist at about the 30 minute mark but that is really good for me.

  • nick

    ELI STONE is a lot of fun.Im surprised how much i like it.Jonny Lee Miller makes the show work for me.Hes great!….
    LOST was good but i wanted more with Des,Sayid,and Michael on the boat. So every time it went to Jin and Sun i just wanted the story to go back to the ship.(don’t get me wrong,i love Sun & Jin,i feel like we haven’t seen them in forever)It was nice to see Bernard as well…

  • Linda, SimplyKimberly: Thanks for not spoiling. LOST was amazing.

    Tim G: I’m disappointed? How did you not see that twist?

    Nick: thanks for giving ELI STONE props. I’m planning on watching it this weekend. Am LOVING the show.

  • David Dean

    Lost: I want more rose, claire, and Juliette (even tho she gets time, shes my fav.!) we don’t really get much on rose or claire and Niether are part of the oceanc six! which is still bothering me! I don’t know why but rose and bernard are two of my fav’s and I’d like 2 see more…also…I want Juliette to live and get off the island PLEASE!

    Smallville: I watch out of habit, and Alison Mack! plus it’s not compleatly jump the shark yet…’s still entertaining!

    Lipstick: Yea…guilty pleasure….I love this show it’s funny, witty, Audry raines is alive and well…and safe….on this show and I like brook shields! all is good here….(BTW MUCH BETTER SHOW THAN LUCY LU’S!)

    Eli Stone: The other show I think is good this year!

    …followed NOT so closely by the CW and Fox (SUPRISINGLY)!

  • Sylvia

    I really enjoy watching Lipstick Jungle. Now Thursdays is my Jungle night lol. I am curious as to whats going to happen when Brooke Shields character husband finds out the truth of how he got the job.