2008 Paley Festival: Questions Not to Ask

Rather than remain incredibly bitter and resentful that virtually the entire world seems to be attending this weeks 25th Annual Paley Festival [and yes, I’m talking to you GMMR and DUCKY!] This TV Addict will yet again take the high road in an effort to ensure my fellow TV Addicts and Paley Fest attendees have the time of their life.

As a two time Paley Festival veteran, one of the highlights of the event is the audience Q&A, where fans can ask questions to their favorite show’s stars and show-runners. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. Thus, the TV Addict proudly presents: 5 Questions NOT to ask* should you get the opportunity.

1. The audience wants to hear from the stars and showrunners of their favorite shows. Nobody cares how much you love the show and how it has changed your life. In other words, keep your questions short, sweet and most importantly to the point.

2. No autographs or hugs. It was cute once, maybe at the first Paley Festival ever. Now it’s just annoying.

3. Don’t ask how each cast member broke into acting. Odds are, if you were any good, you’d be on stage and not asking such an inane question.

4. One question doesn’t mean one question for every single person on stage. Nothing is more maddening than the words, “This is a question for the entire panel…”

5. And finally, if you find yourself with the uber responsibility of the night’s final question, please make it a good one. If you’re not sure, just pass. The last thing the audience wants to hear is a lame question like the one this TV Addict had to endure at last year’s DEXTER panel. Want to know when the show’s DVD is coming out, check tvshowsondvd.com.

* TV Addict Note: This post is also applicable to Comic Con!

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  • Ally

    Thats why I hate audience questions. People cannot ask good questions and its painful to listen.

  • Allie

    SO now I want to know, what was the lame question at last year’s Dexter panel?

  • shanna

    i’m so jealous I can’t be at this year’s festival. The line up is ridiculous.

  • Allie, I’m betting it was asking when Dexter would be out on DVD. heh

  • ericka

    these rules should also apply to the moderators. they are the worst ones.

  • Austin

    If the festival wants to only hear from its stars and showrunners, then don’t turn to what you have indicated as merely a lame, uneducated audience and supportive fans for guidance.

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  • Marisa

    As the person who asked the last question at the Dexter panel, I figured it was time to stand up for myself since you’ve mentioned this several times. First of all, that was not my planned question. I had my hand raised the entire night and had a whole list of questions that were already asked by the time I got the chance to talk. Yes, I asked when Dexter would be out on DVD but that was NOT the full question. What I asked was what the special features would be on the DVD set since at the time there was NO information about the DVD set (even whether there would be one coming out before the second season premiered), so since I knew a lot of people wanted to know about possible special features like bloopers (the panel had discussed on-set goofs earlier in the panel) or commentary, I asked about that. You can watch the DVD of the Paley fest that came with the Target edition and see that it wasn’t the full question. I get that you didn’t like the question, and really it’s your right, but if you’re going to bring up the question again, at least make sure you’re making fun of the FULL question, instead of just the part you deemed unworthy.