5 Shows You Should Be Watching

Julia Louis-Dreyfus doesn’t just put an end to that silly SEINFELD curse. By taking a page from the Will Ferrell book of comedy and doing anything for a laugh, she eviscerates it. From verbal sparring with her ex-husband, to dating a twenty year old, all the while defending herself against television’s two funniest mean mommies [spin-off please!] OLD CHRISTINE is hands down our favorite femme fatale since THE COMEBACK’s Valerie Cherish. Why not help ensure CBS doesn’t trade OLD CHRISTINE for a newer and less funny model next season [see: RULES OF ENGAGEMENT] by tuning into tonight’s brand new episode following the return of TWO AND A HALF MEN at 9:30PM on CBS.

ELI STONE has something for everyone. It’s the ultimate TV mash-up. Medical mystery, law, order, ghosts, visions, mythology, romance and EVERWOOD alumni Tom Amandes. Heck, it even has a weekly musical number for the few fans old enough to remember COP ROCK. All it needs now is a break. As if having an inoperable brain aneurysm wasn’t bad enough, does Eli really need to find himself unemployed come fall 2008? Show a little compassion by tuning into ELI STONE this Thursday following a brand new episode of LOST at 10PM on ABC.

Something unexpected happened when this TV Addict stuck around for LIPSTICK JUNGLE’s third episode. I found myself starting to like these characters. Aside from really cool names, Nico, Wendy and Victory have it all. Money, power, looks and fame. The only thing that’s missing are viewers. Which you can easily remedy by tuning into the season finale this Thursday at 10PM on NBC.

Just because the CW eliminated its comedy department doesn’t mean the laughter has to die. ALIENS IN AMERICA is undoubtedly the funniest show you’re not watching. Don’t believe me? Check out last night’s installment as Son Justin [Dab Byrd] ends up playing opposite his Mom Frannie [Amy Pietz] in a community production of RENT. Awkward and embarrassing yes, but like every episode of ALIENS, it’s balanced perfectly with humor and heart.

So you’re probably surprised to see LOST on this list. But what’s even more surprising is that in its most exhilarating season to date, LOST continues to hemorrhage viewers. According to Variety, last week’s incredible episode set a record low for the show. Which can only mean one thing. America is officially dumber than a fifth grader. Smarten up! Don’t miss Thursday’s mid-season finale at 9PM on ABC.

  • Stef

    Lost is the greatest show on television ever! I can’t believe it’s ratings were low, that is sad!

  • Jimbo

    The only shows on that list that you should be watching are LOST and ANGELS IN AMERICA.

    Old Christine?, Eli Stone (Ally McBeal as a man)?, Lipstick Jungle?

    Come on, why don’t you just put According to Jim on this crap list. These shows are boring with no vision. Is the real TV Addict on vacation?

  • Hil

    LOST this season has been the most entertaining since the first IMO. I think part of the problem is that I know a number of people who are just going to wait for the DVD because they’ve been annoyed with long hiatus and typical gaps of reruns between episodes. This season has been running break-free and it really helps. If there wasn’t that regrettable writers strike we’d be getting more even.

  • SimplyKimberly

    LOST has seen such a resurgence this season. I had all but written it off last year but gave it a shot to win me back because I do so love Sawyer. But I was reeled back in with the final episodes and this year has been just phenomenal. I cannot believe that people have been watching and then choosing not to watch any more.

  • In all fairness, last week’s episode of Lost wasn’t that good, and actually the first episode of this otherwise fantastic season to left me disappointed.

  • Eli Stone has been the biggest surprise for me this season. It’s definitely a favorite of mine already. It’s funny, touching, and has depth.
    I’m loving Lipstick Jungle. Not funny like Sex and the City, but I’m really enjoying the characters.. more so than the book.
    But I’m just about over Lost. This latest season has me rolling my eyes and wondering if the writers were high.

  • Gotta agree with the Eli Stone recommendation. It has already joined my Must Watch TV list, and whiles Ally McBeal played the neuroses for silly, un realistic laughs, Eli has a little more heart.

    Eli should just be paired up with Boston Legal, the two shows can really build on each other, and gain like minded viewers for the night. Does anyone agree?

  • Hil

    I agree that I am tired of seeing Eli Stone ads during LOST. Send it off to Boston Legal. The shows are much more similar. At least more than the pairing with LOST.

  • Oh good! you put Aliens in America on the list too!

    Now why doesnt the CDN network simulcast it anymore? Ugh…

  • Stef

    SimplyKimberly…I am in love with Sawyer too. I may have to fight you for him 😉

    I know, I don’t understand how people can put so much time into a serial drama like Lost, and then just quit! Don’t they want to know what happens!?

  • Haven’t tried Old Christine. Sort of watched Eli Stone’s pilot episode but wasn’t interested enough to return. Plus, I’m hesitant to start watching new shows at this time of year (and right after a strike) knowing they’ll probably just get canceled anyway. I’m making an exception for New Amsterdam.

    Out of sheer boredom, I’ve allowed Lipstick Jungle to be on as background noise a time or two. It’s not horrible, just drab and pointless. Is the actress that plays Nico (Kim Mader?) pregnant in any of these episodes? Sometimes it looks like they’re trying hard to cover her belly, other times not as much. Sometimes she looks like she might be showing, sometimes not. Does anyone else with a Standard Def TV think Brooke Shields’ face looks blotchy or maybe just freckly? And, if so, is it worse or better on HDTV? Lastly, are Scottish people rude & snotty in real life like they were depicted in last week’s episode where Pregnant-or-Not & Splotchy-Face went on a business trip to Scotland? I’ve always assumed Scots were friendly & cool.

    Aliens in America is okay, but it’s way too formulaic to be great. It reminds a lot of Perfect Strangers. Every episode, the American kid does something to screw over the Pakistani kid (Raj?), either because his desperation for attention outweighs his loyalty or because he thinks Raj won’t figure out he’s being screwed over. Usually, Raj is too naive to realize or he’s too private to express his hurt feelings. By the end of the episode, a moral lesson is learned, all is forgiven, and the two kids are best friends again. Somewhere along the way, the American kid’s parents freak out and his sister finds some way of looking hotter than someone her age should look. Be honest, didn’t I just describe every episode?

    Lost. I was not a huge fan of S3 at all, but they’ve redeemed themselves with S4. It’s the best yet. I think the format on FX and the abbreviated seasons of Lost and Jericho are proving that shorter seasons (and/or knowledge of when your series will likely or definitely end) is often the key to tighter storytelling.

  • Unfortunately I thjink the LOST phenomenon is more about exhaustion. Often lack of answers early on, can kill the love. I am one of those LOST followers that fell off the wagon in second season and never saw a reason to jump back on, especially if it meant watching that Second season. Shudder……..!!!

  • Common Sense

    I just feel sorry for folks who jumped off the LOST island, or who never tuned in to begin with. They are missing a television event that will never be duplicated. Too bad they’re too stupid. Their minds have become mush from 5th Grader and Moment of Truth. How do they function in real life?

    Aliens rocks, too, BTW. I rank it above any of the ABC, FOX or CBS comedies, yes, HIMYM included.

  • 3/5, not bad. I agree Old Christine is way underrated and Eli Stone continues to amuse. My friends who stuck with Lipstick Jungle say the same thing, but I refuse to accept it (besides, it’ll hopefully be canceled anyway). After the horrendously offensive pilot, I gave up on AiA. Though it doesn’t start up again until next week, I would prematurely add Greek to this list. I just discovered it, and wow, it is good.

  • Josh Emerson

    I agree with 2/5. Old Christine really is a great show. I’m glad I decided to check it out because it is hilarious.

    I also agree with…Lost. I tuned out during Season 3 but gave it a chance this year because of the strike. It’s been really good! I thought the past two weeks have been weak, but it was great before that.

    Aliens in America…meh. It’s not good enough to watch on a regular basis. Same for Eli Stone. Haven’t seen Lipstick Jungle but I doubt it’s any better than that POS Cashmere Mafia.

  • Naf

    Old Christine is underrated, the second season really improved on a not so great first, and now it’s my 3rd favourit comedy, after The Office and HIMYM. And, Todd W in NC, you haven’t watched Aliens In America in a while, have you? What you described hardly happens, I can’t think of that happening in more than 2, maybe 3, episodes.

    Also, Rajeev Iyer, I think we can all admit that season 2 of Lost wasn’t the best, but what followed has been fantastic. The 2nd half of season 3, and the whole of season 4 is, IMO, some of the best television I have ever seen. Sometimes shows just have an off season.

  • Hil

    They call it the sophomore slump. A lot of shows go through it. *cough* Heroes. */cough* Hopefully networks don’t get trigger happy with killing shows like that off though. The third season is typically more telling than the second. These days shows hardly make it out of the first season which makes it really hard for viewers to commit to anything.

  • Ally

    I’ve watched the first 45 minutes of every episode of Eli Stone. I never can finish an episode. But I don’t think it’s a bad show, I just feel it is way too procedural for the subject matter.

  • Lipstick Jungle? Meh. I only watch for Kim Raver, whose really doing great work on an otherwise horrible show. I’d rather see Law & Order (which is really have a great season) in that spot.

  • AJ

    ITA that lost is back this season!!! I think one thing that has helped with the pacing is that we know exactly when it will end. we can see progress being made towards answering all of the millions of questions we have.

    as for the other 4 shows listed, I just don’t see it. the couple of times I watched christine, I just couldn’t get into the storylines and the humor left me waiting. the others I haven’t even been able to sit thru a full episode.

  • Some rebuttals if I may.

    Jimbo – Why do shows always have to have a ‘vision’. Why can’t they simply entertain.

    Aleks – LAW & ORDER bores me. If I want depressing news ripped from the headlines. I’ve got the actual news.

    Alliy – Give ELI STONE another chance. A lot has changed now that everyone knows about his condition. Victor Garber, aka SpyDaddy is pissed. Which makes for great television.

    John K. – GREEK doesn’t qualify YET, because you can’t watch a show that isn’t on the air yet! Unless you’ve discovered some LOSTesque time/space/continuum loop.

    Rajeer – Now is definitely the time to jump back on the LOST bandwagon. This season has been incredible

  • Josh C.

    im sorry but i gave aliens in america a chance a still just cant seem to even watch a full episode…….not saying its bad but some things arent for everyone

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